About Payte

Hello! Nice to meet you. Thank you for your interest in me.

To provide a quick rundown, most of my efforts currently include being a husband, pastoring a church, working at a bank, playing drums, and blogging. We reside in Kansas. I’m 24 years old. I drink black coffee.

Hopefully, as you browse around my personal site here, it will reveal more about who I am. I graduated from Liberty University with a BA in Religion (Magna Cum Laude) in 2014. I studied in this field because I have a passion for the Word of God—the Bible—and desire to teach from it for the rest of my days.

What you need to know upfront is that I am “about” Jesus Christ. Rather than promoting myself, I strive to promote Christ. Ultimately, I hope you see him—not me. I cannot do much for you. I’m imperfect, but point to the One who is perfect and able to satisfy. What I do hope to do for you is encourage you.

This is my mission, friends. All of my social media and blogging has one purpose in mind—to encourage you in Christ, and for us both to share in Christ.

The Internet is a fascinating privilege. I love to use this tool to connect with people from all over the world to communicate about Christ. So, let’s connect.

Let’s share in Christ together.


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