Christ Died for the Ungodly

“For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die—but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:6–8).

This phrase should be an anthem for us as the Church.

Now, these verses mentioned are packed with great encouragement. They are popular passages that you will see everywhere. And as you Bible readers know, each time we read over a familiar passage it’s quite possible for God to reveal something new, even though it’s an old passage.

The emphasis usually made from this segment of Romans 5 is typically, “while we were still sinners.” And it’s a great phrase to highlight!

What this means is that before we were trying to love God, he loved us. Before we even thought about him, he laid down his life for us. The love of God is put on display by the great Apostle Paul here. God’s love is overwhelming!

As I look over this chunk of Scripture, there is another phrase standing out to me. This other phrase is not teaching something different than the latter part. But it’s saying the same thing in a different way. It’s this part — Christ died for the ungodly. 

I’ve tweeted about this kind of thing before. As a side note, I’ve never felt comfortable retweeting myself. I don’t have a problem with people retweeting themselves, but I always feel conceited when I do! I don’t know why! But I have tweeted similar things over and over again.

This is my take-away from Romans 5:6-8.

Isn’t this so true? God is not just concerned about all the religious people in the world. He is concerned about all kinds of people—the whole world.

And I love how Paul first says, “Christ died for the ungodly,” and then he says, “Christ died for us.” These two sentences are saying the same thing. He correlates ungodly people with who we are, and rightfully so!

He was seeking us before we were sharing the gospel, before we were baptized, before we stepped inside a church, before we were born.

Again, the Apostle Paul is putting the love of God on display. God does not ignore the weak and ungodly. He loves them, seeks them, died for them, and is making them righteous through faith.

We often believe that God loves us because we’ve cleaned ourselves up. But this belief is false. God’s love for us needs to be understood as existing before we were “Christian.”

By God’s grace, he drew me in to himself (John 6:44), gave me the faith to believe (Ephesians 2:8), and made me righteous through this faith (Romans 3:22).

Understanding the love of God in this light should change the way we see things. It should shape the way we see all people, including ourselves. We can rest in the love of God. He isn’t just seeking the righteous ones. He is seeking the lost and making them righteous through faith in Christ.

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6 thoughts on “Christ Died for the Ungodly

  1. Payte,
    Remember that there are those of the lost that He is not seeking, who have been made anathema in His wise providence and authority. I am glad that I am chosen and elected–well, I think I am. How can I know for sure?

  2. So good. Also John 4 tells us that He is seeking true worshippers. You think there’s correlation between those ungodly who have been sought out and shown mercy and grace and their ability to worship in spirit and truth? 😉

  3. So beautiful. It is true that even the most familiar passages in scripture can shed new light every time we visit it. Christian life is about God’s love for us not our love for God. That’s what I learnt from this post. God bless you, brother!
    Yours in Christ……..