Christmas Bulbs at CrossPoint Lindsborg

Have you heard about what CrossPoint is doing this Christmas season? I’ll give you a hint…. It has something to do with the gospel.

CrossPoint Lindsborg is staying on mission this Christmas season. The title of our Christmas series is The “Perfect” Gift. If you’d like to check it out and view sermon videos, click HERE!

We recognize and believe that Jesus Christ is the best gift ever—the perfect gift. Furthermore, Jesus is the best gift to regift to others. This is exactly what we are doing the rest of the year.

Every bulb that is lit on our church’s Christmas tree represents a gospel conversation one of us had with someone during the series. Multiple conversations have taken place! It’s exciting to be a part of God’s work next to people who love Jesus. Pray for us as we seek to have more of these conversations.

We believe God is with us and has commissioned us to join his work. Amazing things have happened this year at CrossPoint Lindsborg. The year is not over yet. There is more in store. Lord, have your way!

CrossPoint Lindsborg Winter 2017

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