Contentment & Sufficiency for Today

It’s happened again—something broke. Before Macey and I could make it to the store yesterday, our car window fell down inside the door. Whatever contraption makes the window go up and down busted. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. She shut the door normally, and the window thing simply broke. That’s just the way it is, right? Wear and tear… Things are temporary.

I’m the kind of person that asks why it even has to break! I try to reason why in order to get my temper down. Nothing slammed against it. Nobody yanked on it. It just broke.

Before I tried taking the door panel off (breaking more pieces) I tried calling repair shops. Of course, this happens on a Sunday. Nowhere is open. So I just sat there, looking at the overcast sky, while the 50-mph wind blows trash and dust in my face, asking myself what to do. While the window is down inside my door, I realize the uncomfortable situation. It’s just not getting fixed today. I don’t have the pieces, and I am supposed to be serving at the local food bank with my Bible study group in two hours. Though it pains me to admit, it’s just not happening today.

So I taped my window up, and decided to let it be for another day.

I hate leaving things unfinished.

Most projects I take on begin and end in the same day. I cannot fully rest until whatever I’m working on can get finished. My wife can stop half way through a project and go straight to bed. She seems crazy to me sometimes (I’m really the crazy one).

However, when I hit a certain moment, when I realize this “thing” I’m now staring at simply will not get done today, I must stop. I’m reminded of Matthew 6:34, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

As it pertains to ministry work, a Kingdom urgency is a fruitful thing. The Holy Spirit places in us a desire to get work done. The book of Proverbs is riddled with why we should be hard-working people and not merely talkers. Yet, I believe we are to take a look at today and realize what can be done today.

Make plans; have vision; know where you’re generally headed, but don’t let everything that could get done wear you out without holding to Christ in contentment. Jesus instructs us to be sufficient for today. If you have a list of to-do’s, great! Do what can be done today, work hard, trust God with the results, and pray to God about putting the next step in motion when he wants.

Don’t burn yourself out.

Ministry (life itself, really) is not a sprint. I would say it’s more like a walk. If you’re gonna sprint, it better be sprinting from temptations!

Don’t get too ahead of yourself. What can get done today? How can I love my neighbor today, right now? Personally, instead of getting worked up with vision and dreaming about far down the road, how can I stop, look at my neighbor right now, and love them, affirm them, encourage them in truth?

My senior pastor, Andy Addis, said, “There’s always a ‘next’ in the Kingdom of God.” I agree. There’s going to be something to get done. All the while, we are to be people with a Kingdom urgency without forsaking contentment in Christ today.

This is what I preach to myself. I know it’s what I need.

Do you relate?

May we be hard-working people, with creativity, and zeal. May we strive to get things done, but may we also know this is not a sprint. We won’t get everything we want done in our perfect timing. May we be a prayerful people, asking God to accomplish his will, on his terms, in his timing. May we rest in his sovereignty. If we really believe he is in control—and he is—may our hearts and minds rest in him.


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4 thoughts on “Contentment & Sufficiency for Today

  1. As Christians we must work hard to get our tasks done. We will not always get them done on the same day. I don’t know about you, but the list of things that I have to do each day is always longer than I have time to accomplish. So I keep a list of things that I have to do, I do my best to get as much accomplished as I can. We have to prioritize , and make time for God in prayer and bible study every single day.

    1. Those are great words. I feel that. Making time for daily prayer and studying God’s Word must be at the top. If not, they simply won’t get done because of the natural day-to-day tasks. Thanks for the words, Tim!