Yesterday evening was perfect for flinging discs. We headed out around 6:00 or so in the evening for Lakewood park in Salina, KS. I expected to see lots of players in the park; however, the only people there were huddled around the park slides and swings to celebrate a child’s birthday. This was great news. I knew we wouldn’t be held up, waiting for people in front of us on the course. We were the only players there (me, Macey, Dixon, Lauren, and little Lyla).

Disc Golf with Dixon

I was a little worried during hole three. One of my favorite discs, the Innova Katana 175g, was nowhere in site after I released it. This par 3 wrapped around a tree bend. My throw was a bit high and was not far out enough to miss the tall maple trees. I heard it hit a tree and fly into the thick woods. After searching around for 15 minutes, my wife, with her eagle eyes, saw it laying safely on an evergreen branch next to the maple trees. Being married has paid off way more than I expected, folks.

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Little Lyla was with us for the fun. She spent the whole time chillin’ in her stroller, like a boss, eating her crackers. She is so precious to Macey and I. Thankfully, Lauren and Dixon live only a few doors down from us in the apartment complex. We love being able to babysit her when the Shaffett’s need it. Lauren and Dixon take such great care of her, showing her much love. Watching Lauren take on the role of a mother has been a wonderful witness. Lyla seems to always be smiling wherever we go. She’s a happy little baby!


Dixon and I don’t get to play every week, but we have gone disc golfing a handful of times. The dude is naturally athletic and strong. Though he hasn’t been playing for long, he can already throw farther than some guys I’ve played with for years. He is more of a golfer with clubs than discs. I know this because we were cleaning out our cars after church on a recent Sunday, and in the trunk of Dixon’s car was two sets of golf clubs. So, that should give you an idea. It’s always refreshing spending time with this guy.

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It was great to relax from work yesterday out in the park. As an introvert, I appreciate playing disc golf alone sometimes. Other times, I love visiting the course with a couple friends or family members. The evening was just a lot of fun, so I wanted to share a few pictures of the evening with you. My wife took some amazing shots with our camera. Isn’t she amazing?! We arrived at the final basket just as the sun was setting down under the tree line. Riding back together, we were ready to hit the hay as soon as we got home.

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