I’m Stepping Into My Dream Job

God has been so faithful and good to me. He has richly blessed me beyond what I deserve. These past few months have been pivotal. In the midst of busyness and work, God has crafted a new set of responsibilities for me. Without going too out of my way to make this happen, I believe God has set this whole thing up, and will do great things through this. I’m happy to reveal the opportunities I’ve been given!

The Lord has provided not one, but two new jobs for me. The first job I’ve had the honor of receiving is campus pastor of CrossPoint Lindsborg! This is my dream job. If you know me well, you know this is what I aspire to. I sought my degree in Religion from Liberty University for this job. Leading the congregation as pastor will be new for me since I’ve never been a pastor before, but I believe to be called by God. Tomorrow, April 9th, I will be getting ordained at the Salina campus. I officially start as pastor April 24th.

Lindsborg is a small Swedish town of around 3,500 people. Bethany college resides there (around 600 students). The town is pretty sweet if you ask me. Downtown Lindsborg is awesome. Festivals and parades happen. People are super friendly. Macey grew up in Lindsborg her whole life. Since meeting her, I’ve grown to love the town!

This campus is a new church plant. We still have yet to find our own building, but the pioneers who started the plant over a year ago are prayerful, God-loving people. Thankfully, this isn’t my show. As pastor, I look forward to watching God grow his church as I strive to steward and love well. Though the Lindsborg campus is in it’s earliest of stages, I believe God will grow this body as we seek God in his Word, and love the city well, together.

The second job God has provided for me is a spot at First Bank Kansas, full-time. I won’t have to worry about insurances, and other financial stresses as much now! Yes, this means I’ll be bi-vocational. And this is good. I prefer to be bi-vocational for reasons that I won’t construe here. Finances are tight while planting a church. Having this job will be such a relief for us at this point.

God has blown my mind through all this. I was approached by a well-known employee of the bank. He asked to talk about applying and to discuss the opportunities at First Bank Kansas. So, I didn’t have to hunt for these jobs really. God has brought it all together; I believe he is the one responsible! God knows I desire to plant a church, pastor it, and keep a job outside the church walls for now. Surely, he has provided all the above without me having to fight my way there.

Macey is probably more excited than I am about these announcements! We look forward to this together. My wife is my helper and I certainly need her help. She is still my top priority and responsibility. Without a healthy, fruitful relationship with her, I wouldn’t be equipped for the job as pastor. By God’s grace, I have Macey—my bride and the love of my life—and she is excited about these new jobs with me.

Thank you family, friends, and followers for your love and support. Please feel free to share in this with me! This is grand news for us! We hope to see God continue his work in growing the local church and blossoming relationships. I appreciate you all reading this through and staying in touch!

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4 thoughts on “I’m Stepping Into My Dream Job

  1. You were certainly blessed, in fact double-blessed with the provision of 2 jobs and one of them being a dream job. I hope it turned out well for you (I see you wrote this post in 2016). Thank you for sharing. I popped over to thank you for following my Women of Warfare site. God bless! 😃

  2. Hey buddy.. I am envious as I look at your online stuff.. young and enthusiastic, but more than that, you are very bright, clear minded, focused and definately guided by the Lord. I’m so happy for you and your wife, to be rockin’ in the free world, for Jesus! Wow, one young couple like you – have no idea how much you can influence the world for Christ. I’m over 60, and had a rough and tumble experience on this rock, and I see in you two, a solid rock. Your parents must be believers as well. I can sense a solid faith behind you both. I appreciate that cause I didn’t have that. I’ve been solid with Christ for many years, and it just gets better. I keep trying to communicate the love of Jesus – I follow the words of Jesus without much theological furniture. My focus is Jesus, and what He has given me, who He has changed me into, and what I can do, IN CHRIST. Man, there’s so much to learn.I’m just getting started. Praying for you two. Be Blessed in Jesus mighty name! Go gettem’ Tiger! Cheers.