Equipping Leaders & Making Room for Growth


This week has been a busy, productive one. The church plant in Lindsborg has been going very well. Relationships are growing. I’m learning more about our people. God is increasing their understanding of the gospel and their obedience to it, I believe. We are serving in the community together. Really, it doesn’t get much better than this if you ask me.

Amidst the handful of big things I could write about here to share with you, I chose to share the progress of our new ministry we are pursuing to launch as a church. Across the CrossPoint network, each campus of ours has had a children’s ministry, called CrossPoint Kids. In Lindsborg, are in the process of praying for, searching for, equipping, and training ministers so we can launch CP Kids at our campus.

Thanks be to God, we do have some volunteers who have been called and gifted to serve in a CP Kids ministry! Tonight, we had a great training event planned for these leaders. And it went so well. I am excited to see God at work, growing his church. We talked philosophy; we talked the Bible; we talked practicality. It was just so good!

Planting a church is way more work, more time-consuming, and more draining than I imagined. It’s less glamorous, less fun, and less smooth.

On top of this work, I’m bi-vocational, working a full-time job completely unrelated to my ministry vocation. A regular day for me is leaving home around 8am and getting home from all the day’s tasks around 8 or 9pm—sometimes later. Some guys who aren’t bi-vocational have days like this too, I’m sure! But their day was spent getting work done either at the church or for the church. In reality, it is much different. And I disappointingly don’t get to keep the Sabbath holy every week…

However, certain moments arise where I get a reminder from God that he is using me for something way greater than myself. When I met with the children’s ministry leaders today, I was reminded by God that I am smack-dab in the middle of his work. He is growing his church. No matter how weak, frail, unqualified I really am, he is using me.

People are tough. I love people. But people do not fill me up. They drain me. I am absolutely an introvert. People don’t make things easier. And I ask that you would pray for me. I am trying to follow God as best I can. What he has revealed to me, I am fighting to obey. Daily, I must deny myself, crucify the flesh with its fading desires, put the world and its ways behind me, to behold God and make him Lord of my life.

To say the least, it’s lots of work planting a church. But O, the rewards to come are so sweet. They are so worth it. Give me Christ.

We met together today to discuss, plan, and prepare how to make CP Kids ministry a successful part of our campus. We are seeking to build some rooms as well. Since we meet in one large room, we are needing to build two large rooms for the kids to utilize. Finding contractors, making plans, budgeting, and communicating well with all the people involved is its own project in addition to equipping our committed volunteers. Please pray for this to happen smoothly and to be done in wisdom.

I am seeing God reveal himself to our people each week now. Yet, I know the best is definitely yet to come for the church. CrossPoint Lindsborg is growing. We are training and equipping people to serve and make disciples. We are in the process of building rooms for a children’s ministry launch. We are making room for God to grow his church. We are digging wells, if you will, for God to send the rain!

Please continue to pray for us, and for me. We are pretty tired most days from all the hard work, but we are so so joyful to be used by God in advancing his Kingdom on earth. What an absolute privilege it is to be used by God.

I am wretched. I am weak. I am frail. But God is faithful. He is able.


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