What a day…

Just finished a long shift at work. Finally made it to my comfy couch in our prayer room. Though it’s nice and comfy on here, I might move to my desk; it would feel more professional to write from there. But it’s all the way over there… Eh.

After a long day of work, there’s something I look forward to—the vacation spot.

In a short while, my wife and I are going to our current favorite place in the world. It’s a place where the air is cool. You feel small. People are around, but you feel away from it all.

There’s more wildlife. This place reminds me of thoughts about what the Garden of Eden was maybe like. Animals such as mule deer and elk are like domesticated. You can nearly pet them.

It’s beautiful morning, noon, and night. No matter what time it is, you can look out and be stunned. The mountains surround you.

Want some snow? Let’s hike up some more. Don’t want snow? Let’s walk down a bit.

Oh, you Instagram? It’s hard to take a bad picture here. Even if you’re into #fromwhereIstand, or #sunsets, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of where you point, you’ll get the hearts.

It’s not a usual “park”—I’m talking about Estes Park, Colorado.

Soon, my beautiful bride and I will return to the exact cabin we spent our honeymoon at. We may write a post together there on our trip about our first year into this thing. I think that would be fun and beneficial. We’ll see. We may not have time to unless we make time.

We may get distracted by the beauty by simply beholding God and his creation. We may go shop for discount mountain attire. We may go sit by the river just a few yards from our cabin. We may do a puzzle while warming up. We may visit Bear Lake. We may meet some people. We may just walk the streets downtown.

The first time we married folk went, we literally had no agenda. We explored to the max. No map; no idea; no clue.

We simply went where the trails seemed to go, and it was a blast.

Today, I’m exhausted after work, but I’m looking forward to going to my favorite place in the world with my favorite person on Earth. It’s getting so close I’m about to burst.

What’s your favorite place on Earth?




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