We Are Finally Moving to Lindsborg!

Macey and I have been house hunting for a long time. For over a year, we have been praying, waiting, and searching for a house to buy in Lindsborg, KS. Ever since our wedding day, we’ve been renting a cozy two-bedroom apartment in Salina, KS.

I’m happy to announce we are getting out of the apartment!

Having family members just down the hall, and affordable rent, made the living arrangements bearable for us. I’m thankful for the apartment, but I’m happier to be moving on. Macey and I learned a lot together and had great times in the apartment. This new season, new responsibility, and significant change will be more challenging, but we believe moving will be more rewarding.

Lindsborg is near and dear to us. Macey grew up in Lindsborg, I am pastoring at CrossPoint Lindsborg, we have many friends there, and we love the city itself. There are so many reasons to move to Lindsborg! We’ve been traveling back and forth between Salina and Lindsborg every single day. It will be so nice to finally be in the city we love.

Pictures are soon to come. Here’s a brief summary of our new house: It’s on a beautiful street (3rd Street), it has four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a two-car garage, a fenced-in backyard, was remodeled in 2005, and we can do whatever we want to it. As a bonus, we are under budget, with monthly payments much less than we expected. We are so blessed.

Macey and I plan on living in Lindsborg for the rest of our lives. The Lord may have something else for us later in life. He is God and will have us wherever he wants, but we are thrilled with this house. Living in Lindsborg is like a dream come true for us.

We are excited to share this news with you! Many of you have been praying for us to find the right home in Lindsborg. Prayers have been answered! We could use a few more prayers, however, as we approach the moving phase.

If you aren’t following us on social media, you may miss out on pictures and such until they reach paytej.com. They will be posted here eventually!

Getting to this place has taken patience, discipline, prayer, and God’s blessing. We give glory and thanks to God for providing us with a beautiful place to call home. God provided this home for us, and we are excited about this new season of life. Say a prayer for us as we move soon. We’ll stay in touch and share more soon!

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