Finished Our First Home-Improvement Project

We moved into our new home at the end of January, and we’ve completed our first remodel project!

Having a nice home is important to us. I don’t mean the kind of nice that is above and beyond, but the kind of nice where things aren’t falling apart. Our front porch was in need of some TLC.

Our home is an old one — built in the 1890’s! It was remodeled in part before we moved in, and we will tackle the rest as we make it our home. Now, the porch was definitely in bad shape.

The foundation of the porch was made up of thin rocks, and was very lop-sided. Also, the foundation on the front side of the house itself had sunk in years past. Nearly half of the foundation was stone, while the rest was updated with cement. We dug the new foundation deeper and made things more secure.

Our first big home-improvement project was putting in a brand new front foundation and a brand new front porch.


Finished Our First Home Improvement Project, photo one

Hospitality is important to us. We love having people come over. This was a big deciding factor as to which part of the house we wanted to tackle first. We’ve got a list of projects to finish through the years to come. Giving our home a facelift, we thought, helps the entire home become more inviting.

One thing we enjoy doing each week is having the men and women from our church over every Saturday morning for coffee.

We’ve got a dining room and family room connected to provide plenty of space for company. The men usually come over at 7:00 AM, while the women meet at 9:00 AM. Some people love sleeping in on Saturdays; we love drinking coffee together.

There’s really no agenda to the meetings. We just like to talk about whatever. And this home improvement has made the house more hospitable without fear of tripping over a big crack when they arrive (which actually happened).


Finished Our First Home Improvement Project, photo two new

I would love to say I accomplished this project on my own. However, I hired a local individual to help me with the project. He did most of the work himself and was very reasonable in price. I am so thankful I met him, and will definitely have him help me with more projects.

The brand new foundation and porch makes it feel like a brand new home. The large cedar posts reveal a piece of our heart. Our wedding stage set included thick 6″ x 6″ cedar posts. It brings me back to the best day of my life every time I see them.

Without being too noticeable, the floor boards are treated boards. In the Fall, when they have all had time to dry out, we plan on staining the wood for a better color and protection.

If you look close enough you can spot our “Johnson” dala horse we picked up at Hemslöjd in Lindsborg! My family is from Sweden, and there was no question whether or not we wanted to support our heritage and local tradition. It’s our way of saying “Välkommen!”

We are so happy with the new project and have enjoyed making this house our home. Owning a home is enjoyable, but it’s also hard work. We’ve still got a list of things to do, but we are enjoying every step of the way.

Our sights have mostly been set on preparing the home for Baby Johnson, which you can read more about here! It feels good to get this big project finished so we can enjoy the home more.

Stay close for more house updates to come! What do you think of the improvement?

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Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash  

7 thoughts on “Finished Our First Home-Improvement Project [Photos]

  1. Looks similar, even the color, to our own 112 year old house! But while you are on the front end of life, we are at the other end and still loving and serving the Lord! (High five!) When we moved in last year, we had our pastor over and did a house blessing, burying Scripture in the four corners of our yard, praying over our house and yard and asking God to bless this house, our home, to be used for his glory. I pray for the same for your and your home! Bless you all.