First Baptism Weekend At CrossPoint Lindsborg

What an honor.

This past weekend, we celebrated two baptisms! Look at what God is doing. This is his doing—his work—his hands! What excites me every day is the fact that we are his. We belong to God. He is the one that is growing our church, not me.

The event included about forty CrossPointers. A few people from the Hutch campus were able to participate in the celebration. I wish I would have shot a couple of pictures of the food. We ate some phenomenal BBQ, prepared by the people of our church. They really know how to cook! I got to stuff my face with all kinds of goodies.

After we all shared in a delicious meal, the ceremony began. Ryan and Adylaide were the two believers that took the step of obedience in getting baptized.

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Together, we are a part of the same Grow Group. I’ve been able to sit down with them to talk about the Bible, the gospel, and baptism long before the event. They both got to share a bit of their testimony before the church about their faith in Christ and why they are getting baptized. It encouraged my heart greatly to hear Ryan and little Ady share.



Approaching the water, as the pastor of the church, as a brother to these people, I remember feeling deeply thankful. Nothing about me, my past, my accomplishments, my failures, my words could ever make me worthy of such a thing. Who am I? God has reached down and revealed himself to Ryan and Ady. And they are taking a step of obedience to profess their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And I got to have a front row seat. #richlyblessed

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It is true, that when we are being obedient and fruitful in ministry, a bigger target gets put on our backs by the enemy (sorry to be a mood killer). This weekend was indeed a huge celebration for our church. It was no coincidence that it was also the most challenging weekend for our church.

Most of the people around the city and surrounding area have heard about the incidents that took place at the Bethany college. Well, rumors were spreading that our church was involved in supporting the acts of racism. The incident is still being investigated, though a lot has been revealed already. We have no idea how this started exactly. Rumors spreading like this can be such a hurtful thing.

With much appreciation, we ask that if you hear remarks like these, please correct them. CrossPoint is in no way involved with the racism that occurred. Our church is intergenerational and also welcomes people of every race to worship with us, and walk through life with us. We are praying for healing and restoration in our city, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been able to speak with many people in our city about these rumors, and things seem to be getting straightened out. It is important—as we continue growing as a church—to be a consistently prayerful people, against the evil and divisive tactics of the enemy.

We are on mission.

We are on mission because God is on mission. As a church, we are striving to join God’s work as faithfully as we can. Pray for us to continue exalting Jesus, making disciples, and loving our city. We believe God is doing big things. It is truly an honor to be a part of what God is doing in Lindsborg. To God be the glory, forever and ever.

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