God is Growing His Church

What an amazing privilege it’s been being a part of CrossPoint Lindsborg. God is indeed growing his church. Since I first stepped through the door at the Lindsborg campus, I immediately could see God was the one at work in this church plant. What I saw was not just man’s doing—it was God’s work. Today, he is still working.

With much excitement, our attendance has been increasing. Every week we see new people visit our worship service. Visitors pop in out of curiosity, sometimes church shopping, and others have come seeking Christ. We welcome all to worship with us, but it is those seeking Christ that stay close.

I’m happy to say we have an average attendance of thirty-five people each weekend. Sometimes it’s over forty . Sometimes it’s down in the twenties. That’s how it typically is.

We have recently seen a few people move from visitor, to attendee, to members! This has been a great encouragement to me. When church attenders move into membership, it reveals commitment, accountability, leadership, and obedience to me. As a pastor, seeing people step up and commit to the local church speaks volumes.

In Lindsborg, we had five people attend the Journey Class. Here, we go over our church’s history, denomination, theology, vision, etc. for the those interested in membership at CrossPoint. We partnered with the CrossPoint Salina campus so I could co-lead the class with their campus pastor, Ryan Booth. They have a larger congregation, so the Salina people outnumbered us. I believe, all-in-all, there were 15 of us in the class.

That was a big encouragement to me, seeing people in our congregation wanting to take on some ownership at our church. I believe having committed people as members can really strengthen the local church. Please pray for more people like these who will move from visitor, to attendee, to member in our church! This will play a part in taking the gospel to Lindsborg and the rest of the world.

Next, I wanted to share something very important. As a church, we are praying for God to provide something for us at CrossPoint Lindsborg that is becoming increasingly needed. We are praying for a children’s ministry team.

We gather in one large room right now. We are an intergenerational church. Children will always be welcomed to sit in our services. We have a play area in the back if they are feeling restless, only if the parents want to utilize that (see photo below).

valhala1            valahala2

We will stay intergenerational, because we believe that is how the church should be. However, we are desiring to build two rooms, and launch CrossPoint Kids ministry at our campus in the coming months. Before we put up some rooms and launch that ministry, we are needing to form a team for this to function well each week. As a church, we are praying for God to help us do this.

I ask that you join us in praying for a team of committed, called, and gifted people who would help lead our children to Jesus, and equip the parents to be the primary spiritual leader in the family. We have procedures in place to put each volunteer through before we launch. We have training to do. We have checks to examine. There is work to do. Please pray for us to be wise in these dealings. Pray for me especially.

When this church plant started, it began in a home. There was not a need for CrossPoint Kids. Now, we have about 10 children on average each Sunday. God has been growing the church, and it’s time we make some room. We’re trying to keep up with God. He has been so faithful. I believe he will be faithful in the future as well. He will provide for our needs!

What a tremendous blessing it is to update you all on what God is doing. I am wretched and undeserving to be a part of his work. There’s so much to be thankful for in Lindsborg. This update is given so that I can share how you can pray for us. I wish you could see the great relationships that are forming here. If you’re around Lindsborg, come join us!

I love the meetings I get to have with the people. I love seeing the church take care of one another throughout the week. I’m seeing people come to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I’m seeing the saints in Lindsborg being sanctified. God is growing his church. I’m livin’ the dream.

Partner with us in God’s work! PARTNER