God Used Metal Music to Draw Me Close

When I was a freshman in college, I showed up on campus for the wrong reasons. I was not seeking God, nor was I interested in religion whatsoever. But it was during my college years that God drew me in and revealed himself to me. I became born again. My eternity changed. And God spoke to me in an interesting way.

Music has always been enjoyable for me. Like most young men, I enjoyed rock music. However, the kind of rock I enjoyed was heavy… Really heavy.

I listened to bands like Slipknot, Korn and DisturbedIf you want to avoid hearing super vulgar and profane language, do not look these bands up. They are terribly explicit. Looking back, I can’t believe I enjoyed that.

Isn’t that the devil’s music?

The common Joe is probably convinced all metal music is demonic, dark, and deadly. At first listen, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of godliness to the metal genre. I completely understand this. As someone who grew up on a farm, I realize this isn’t the type of music you can flip to on the radio.

It’s not all family friendly. Then again, doesn’t every genre contain bands that aren’t family friendly?

However, it’s true—the enemy uses metal music. Dark, demonic music does exist. Ungodly bands that promote death, sex, drugs, abuse, and harm are prevalent today. And I listened to it.

During high school, I developed a lot of anger inside. Like most young men, it didn’t take much to influence negative emotions and thinking. A dropped pass in a Friday-night football game, not hitting three-pointers in a basketball game, or striking out in a baseball game produced so much anger inside me. I hated being imperfect. I guess metal music related to me during those years.

The heavy music also met me before the sporting events. It was with me on the way to school, in the weight room, after school, and at home. Nothing else seemed more enjoyable to fill my iPod with. And it stayed with me into my college years.

What the enemy intended for harm, God used for good.

I really had no reason to stop listening to the explicit metal music. That is, until I heard better metal music. I found bands that were faithful.

As an athlete in school, I continued playing sports and lifting weights in college. My weight-room partners were believers. One day they shared their music with me since I was looking for new bands to bench press to. What they showed me caught my attention. These bands were so catchy, as was their message.

The first Christian album I really liked is titled, “Breaker (Click title to view album), by a band named, For Today. Their message was about the Kingdom of God. The band isn’t together anymore, but they definitely influenced my life for the better.

A few more bands that I grew to like were the following: Sleeping Giant, August Burns Red, Creations, The Devil Wears Prada, and A Plea for Purging. These are bands that I don’t mind you looking up! Although, just know, they go hard.

You can even find a video of me drumming to a For Today song, by going here: Words of Hope (drum cover).

Metal music is a part of me.

Many other genres of music make my playlists today. Metal is still one of them. Since this genre is an acquired tase that usually makes people throw up, I don’t flaunt this about me. I’m really not ashamed to say I listen to metal, because it’s a part of my testimony.

God used metal music to draw me closer to himself.

Some may argue that metal music cannot be godly whatsoever. I would argue against that. Most of the time it’s the intense vocalists that turn people off.

The way I see it, following Christ involves spiritual warfare, and warfare may involve some righteous anger towards sin. This may result in a radical breakdown with double bass, shouting good doctrine.

Heavy metal music once related to my sinful anger. Now, metal music relates to my hatred of sin.

To be honest, sometimes I am ashamed of my past. I’m not proud to say that I enjoyed bands like Slipknot in high school. But God humbled himself down to my level, related to me, spoke to me, and saved me through faith in Christ. He did so around metal music.

I give glory to God for making me a new creation. It encourages to me look back and see how God was moving and growing me when I was in school. I once enjoyed explicit, filthy, and demonic metal music. God met me in my mess, and used metal music to show me his love and his unfailing grace.

*Cue heavy breakdown.*

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Photo by Alex Hockett on Unsplash

30 thoughts on “God Used Metal Music to Draw Me Close

  1. I love how big God is! How He refuses to fit inside the box so many people want to keep Him in. How He loves us so much to meet us where we are. Thank you for your testimony!

  2. Got to see Brian Welch share his testimony at creation, his testimony would reach certain kids in a way no one else could I’d imagine.

  3. Such an awesome testimony , its so cool to know that God uses everything to build you up and help you in spiritual elevation. Man looks at the outside ,God looks at our heart ….. keep being amazing and enjoy your day , till we read again 🙂

  4. I thank God for the testimony of your workout friends and for His using something that most people think of as evil for good. My musical tastes are very different and I am of a different generation, but I remember when rap music, which I find irritating, became popular. Then Christians started rapping. I can’t identify with it, but I do acknowledge that God can use it as a medium for His message. Great testimony!