Grow Groups Are Active in Lindsborg

Watching our Lord grow his church has been awesome. I love getting to share all the updates with you here on my blog and on social media. Time has really flown too. I’ve been pastoring now for about a year and a half. Crazy! Seems like just yesterday I began pastoring. As seen in the other updates, the Lord has been faithful. A key area the Lord has blessed our church in is Grow Groups.

At CrossPoint, Grow Groups is the answer. I made a video explaining why we love Grow Groups so much (watch the video here: Why We Love Grow Groups). In short, each Grow Group has the responsibility to adopt a portion of the city it’s in. Instead of having multiple church ministries that take care of different needs in the city, we have Grow Groups that get together and meet those needs. It’s more than a weekly Bible study—it’s living life with one another.

Johnson Grow Group

The Grow Group I lead has adopted Bethany Home in Lindsborg. We’ve been on site a handful of times to meet with residents and staff. We’ve made ourselves available to serve in any way. They’ve responded saying we are welcome to do anything from visiting with residents to doing crafts, playing board games, and similar activities. This month, we decided to put on a bingo night for them! We made some prizes for the winners, we had good conversations, and built better relationships.

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Robinson Grow Group

The other Grow Group we have at CrossPoint Lindsborg has adopted Bethany College. They got on campus this month to meet the incoming students and staff. They’ve made themselves available to serve the campus in any way. Though we are at the front end of the semester, we’ve already seen new college students attending CrossPoint Lindsborg! We love students and value them. The Robinson Grow Group has been a key group of our church members who are helping take care of students this semester. The group has organized fun events at their host home, handed out food with invitations to CrossPoint on campus, and also gathers for a weekly Bible study.

The Robinson Grow Group has also started providing a meal for impoverished families every third Thursday of the month, starting next month. This is through our new partnership with Circles of McPherson County. The Grow Group has been rocking it!

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I’m honored to be a part of a biblical, fruitful church that is engaged in the community. We are serving others and always looking to build relationships. We don’t want to hide from the rest of the world; we want to engage it. We want to help take care of our community and make it better. We don’t need every person in Lindsborg to become a CrossPointer, but we want to be good, helpful brothers and sisters to all of Lindsborg.

We currently have two Grow Groups at CrossPoint Lindsborg. Each of the groups are being responsible to adopt portions of the city to serve. We hope by the end of the year to plant a third Grow Group in our community. Please pray for God to continue growing his church and use the church in reaching out. Big things are happening. God gets the glory.

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Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash