Needing Helpful Money Advice?

I bet if we all sat in a room and I asked, “How many here could use some extra working capital? Who could use more money?” everyone would raise their hand. Every one of us would be happy to make more money. But what if the amount of money we make isn’t the cause of our money problems? The subject of money isn’t a fun one, but has a huge impact on our lives. I actually enjoy talking about this subject, so I’m just gonna dive right in.

Now, the advice you’re about to hear is not what Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Capital One, or American Express would tell you. I am convinced none off us need to make more money. We need to spend less. We need to spend better. Not everyone can control the amount of money brought in, but everyone can choose the amount going out, especially the petty cash.

The number one pushback I get when having this discussion is, “Well I need all these things I currently purchase.” But do you? Do you really spend all your money on things you need? Do you need more clothes? Do you need a bigger tv? Do you need to eat out at restaurants every day? Do you need four cars?

The majority of people with money problems do not suffer because they were smacked with a random life crisis. It’s because they’ve never learned how to budget. They simply find a job they can do pretty well and just spend money wherever. The majority who struggle with money don’t know how to say no. This is the reality, plain and simple. Some are smacked with a life crisis, and they need help, but I’m speaking to the majority here.

Getting debt-free does not possess a cookie-cutter answer. It’s different for each household. Some need to throw away credit cards and use cash only. Some need to sell things. Some need to downsize. What needs to be your strategy? What’s your plan? What’s the next step to get where you’re wanting to go? It’s not hard to figure out what exactly needs to happen. Each household usually knows what the problem is.

Rather than seeking a bigger, better paying job, maybe the problem has to do with spending too much on things that don’t matter. Maybe the job you’re currently at is where God wants you to be and he’s trying to discipline your spending habits. If your spending habits aren’t good with the amount of money you’re given now, why would your habits get better with a larger amount of money? It wouldn’t.

I’m no financial guru. However, my wife and I have disciplined ourselves to spend what we have been given by God wisely. We know what is truly needed and what is not for us. We believe the income we receive is God’s provision for us, and it’s up to us to steward that well. Getting more and more money is not the answer. We need to learn how to spend better.

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4 thoughts on “Needing Helpful Money Advice?

  1. That’s an interesting post! I do have a question though, you said that no one really needs to make more money and that we should save more instead. While saving is always a good idea, there is also a limit to how much you can save. At a certain point, everyone has fixed costs, like the internet bill, utility, food, and emergency bills like hospital care etc. And while the amount you save is limited by those factors, the amount you can earn is not.

    In terms of controlling the amount of cash being brought in, I do agree that it’s not always possible to control it, but I feel that people who want to earn more have multiple ways of doing this. They can either negotiate a higher wage, start a side hustle or switch jobs entirely.

    That being said, I understand that your point is about cutting down on unnecessary expenses. But once you’ve done that, would you consider earning more? The purpose of earning more not so much to waste it, but to help your family, travel, and even give back to the community. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    1. Yes, I love your thinking. Raises are good, and it’s good to work hard so you can provide well for your family. I hope God blesses you and your family like this! Like you said, the point of my post here is to speak to those who make plenty now. This is about stewardship. The thing that moved me to write this is so many people are in the top 10% of the wealthiest people on the planet, yet are discontent with their income. Only, it’s due to their bad spending habits. I do need to be more elaborate in my posts to give a better context. However, I think you’re seeing my main points. It is good to work hard and provide well for your family.. We start treading down murky waters when we are discontent with God’s provision because we don’t steward our finances well. I’m not saying those who are content and do steward finances well shouldn’t be able to make more money. They probably deserve it!

      1. Yeah that clarifies it a lot! Thanks for the response! I definitely agree with you there, too many people make six figures or more and still aren’t content because they spend well above what they need to. A heavy wallet makes many mistakes or so the saying goes!

        1. I recently heard some surprising statistics that showed you can make it in the top 10% without making six figures. And it got me thinking! That was pretty eye opening for me. And how bad it looks when someone is already in that top 10% wanting to make more.