Houston, We Have a MOLE Problem

A few months ago, we finally moved to Lindsborg and bought our first house. The home projects have begun (view the latest big project here).

Lately, yard work has been my life. I’ve been posting updates on twitter and such. To catch you up, we recently spent three days cleaning up our front yard to get it looking like this…

yard work front yard two landscaping plants yard work front yard two landscaping plants

It looks like an entirely different house in our opinion, to say the least. Imagine spending three days in your front yard moving dirt, hauling off a trailer full of leaves and sticks, and raking by hand.

It was intense.

Now, here’s the reason for this post — we didn’t realize it beforehand, but we’ve got some unwanted guests floating around our property. Watch the video below to find out more.

Have you ever dealt with moles?

How do you get rid of moles from the yard? The product I’m trying first is Sweeney’s S6009 Poison Moleworms 2.29 Oz. I’m really hoping it does the trick. If not, I’m going to be trying another product soon.

If the moles appear to be gone in the next week I will let you guys know how the moleworms worked out.

Please share your thoughts and ideas about my situation! I need helpful advice!

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Photo by ahmad kanbar on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Houston, We Have a MOLE Problem [Video]

  1. When I was a kid, people in our neighborhood in southern California would put water hoses down their holes and drown them. I would go around the neighborhood and collect them and take them home and line them up along the rail in front of our house in the sun so they would dry out. I didn’t understand about death. I thought they would come back to life again.

  2. We have moles in our yard also, they become a problem every year. I first tried a type of deterrent food but that didn’t work. Didn’t want to go the poison route since we have a dog so I got a solar powered sonic spike. It sends vibrations through the ground quite a distance and the moles don’t like it. So far it seems to have made them leave the kennel where I placed it. Our yard is very large though, if your’s is small the sonic spike might cover it. Plus it’s nice because it can be used every year. Hope this helps!