Keep Productivity Up High and Pride Down Low

This past year, my workload has grown so much. I feel my capacity to work and meet with people has never been this high. On a normal day I work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.. And sometimes it’s later in the evenings than that. While my productivity has been going up and up, I hope my humility can keep up. Something I must keep myself in check with is keeping my productivity high and my head down low.

First, thank you for your prayers.

Some of you follow my ministry updates and blog posts regularly. You are very supportive! Committing to pray for me is something I’m thankful for. No matter what you’re going through in life, we all need prayer. Having a supportive group of followers has helped me tremendously. If you’re one that commits to intercession, I would ask that you pray for me in this area. Pray for my discernment and to continually increase my workload while pushing pride to the grave.

There’s something natural about us posting a lot on social media. When anything exciting (or depressing) happens, our first tendency is to post about it on social media. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to be that exciting.. And posting isn’t a bad thing.. Usually. It’s just that you can tell when someone is prideful about it. I never want to be someone that continues to be fruitful in ministry while thinking I’m It ruins leadership. Sharing all the amazing things God is doing is a good thing! However, it needs to be done from a place of humility.

Sometimes it’s best to be quiet.

The main thing that moved me to write this is to communicate that I want to avoid nonsense. The things I say and post about need to be worthwhile! What an annoyance it is to read about nonsense. I think it’s important to learn how to be as fruitful as possible, yet quiet as possible. Some people are simply too loud. Don’t get used to your own voice. Rather, let what you say actually be worthwhile.

The things I post about are important to me. If I take part in a long conversation online, it’s because I believe it matters. I’m usually contending for the truth from where I stand. This perspective may not be one you agree with, but that’s what the unfollow button is for, and that’s okay with me. For the most part, however, if a topic is unimportant to me I will stay quiet.

Some people are more interested in talking about what they can do instead of simply doing it. To keep pride down low involves being quiet while living out your calling. Prideful people are the ones concerned about being heard and seen for their efforts. Humble people just work hard. They don’t need recognized by people. Their recognition is from God.

When I first started sharing my faith and ministry online, I used to post anything and everything. Now, I post what I think would be necessary and worthwhile. Sometimes it’s good to just ask yourself, “Is this really necessary? Do people need to read this?” Tons of people are watching your posts. Do you really want to say/share that? Think about it. Are we posting to be fruitful, or just posting?

It’s okay to keep your thoughts to yourself sometimes.

This isn’t to say you’re not allowed to voice your opinion on something. But why would you want to speak to every single topic of discussion? There’s some things we just aren’t educated or experienced on, and we should be okay with simply listening sometimes. God is teaching me how to get better at this.. (When I arrive, I’ll let you know.)

In order to keep productivity high and our pride down low we must live out God’s calling on our lives with humility. It’s the kind of attitude Paul talks about to the Thessalonians: “to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you,” (1 Thess. 4:11). This certainly doesn’t mean you never speak up or show your passion. But this might include avoiding involvement in unfruitful distractions that don’t benefit our ministries or testimony. Let’s be humble, quiet people living out God’s calling.

Now, I’m talking about more than just social media here. But that’s a great area this topic applies to. May we be productive, yet quiet. I just love this idea! My favorite people to follow and learn from are not the people that have something to say on every matter, but people who are productive—people who are humbly living as God has called them. I love this idea so much I wanted to share it. Leaders who are fruitful and productive, yet quiet and humble are leaders worth following in my opinion.

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5 thoughts on “Keep Productivity Up High and Pride Down Low

  1. Amen, Pastor Payte seeing our productivity as an extension of His blessings and efforts in us and through us and building our humility versus our profile is a worthy lesson and mission. Thank you for answering the call of Shepherd in your life and may you be blessed and all who you minister be blessed in that calling. Thanks for visiting hisnamebpraised and following the site. Grace, mercy and peace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A fellow servant, Doug

  2. “I think it’s important to learn how to be as fruitful as possible, yet quiet as possible.” This is brilliant. By no surprise you serve the most brilliant God. The one true God. Anyways, I really enjoyed browsing your blog and glad I found this post.