Falling More in Love with Google Plus

Social media… I have a love-hate relationship with it. For years, Twitter has been my first love; however, my heart is moving towards Google Plus. I love both, but I’m beginning to shift.

I wanted to share with you a feature that I recently rolled out on my Google Plus page that I see myself having lots of fun with. It’s known as a Collection. This is a type of page that allows you to sort of categorize certain types of posts.

You may see a certain Twitter user’s timeline consist of 4 different types of posts. The four types of posts they might consistently share could be like deep one-liners, blog posts, pictures, and their favorite meal of the week or something. In a Google Plus Collection, you can create a categorical atmosphere for your followers that really like one of these types of posts from you.

I created two Google Plus Collections. One is called Gospel Nuggets—”Healthy, tasty, meaty gospel truths for you to chew on.” The other is Life/Ministry Updates where I can share links to the blog posts found here on this site for my Google Plus followers to quickly find them on my social media page.

My Gospel Nuggets Collection has got me really excited! I’m having fun with it so far. They are profound one-liners that have helped reform me and lead me to the real Jesus of the Bible. They are meaningful truths to me that I hope to encourage all of you with.

Go, take a look at the Gospel Nuggets Collection I have created! Maybe you will find a simple, profound gospel truth to chew on or share with your followers.


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5 thoughts on “Falling More in Love with Google Plus

  1. Do you find it frustrating as a ‘Social Media’ website? I’ve tried really to get into it, and most of the communities are large but dead. No discussion on anything worth while. What are some communities are you a part of that you enjoy?

    1. I do agree that it takes some time to build relationships to have a more ‘social’ experience. The communities seem to be dead but there’s actually a lot of traffic there. I don’t really have any favorites but there’s a few I’ve been posting on that you can see on my G+ page. I do like the layouts for profiles more than any other social site. It is clean and very tasteful in my opinion. As for communities, posting photos with cheesy text over it seems to be a dominating regular. I would love to help create a community that involves great discussions worth while! What kind of communities or discussions do you think would be edifying and necessary, Chris?

      1. I think it’s really hard to have a big, yet good community online. The only good ones typically revolve around a trade and mastering it and showing others how to do stuff.
        I’d love one that is genuinely helpful for people wanting to better understand culture and theology so that they can win people.
        Seems to be too much conspiracy theory on G+ for that to happen though.

        1. As for distributing content, G+ has the collection feature, which I am starting to really enjoy. I agree a lot with you about good communities online. Forming a G+ collection with a certain kind of content to share keeps posts organized and easy to share on different platforms in bulk.

        2. Hey Chris, I’ve been thinking about reaching out to you recently to see about helping start a new Google Plus Community. I am trying to start one called, Biblical Bloggers. We’ll see if it amounts to anything.. I’ve been learning how to better use Google Plus and I’m getting good results.