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Why Women Are Not Pastors

“Needless to say, many women today have taken pastoral positions in churches everywhere. It’s common to hear about a church with a woman pastor. But is this biblical? Is this something that God ordains and blesses? What does God’s Word have to say about women who want to be pastors?”  Click image below to read full post.

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Two Marks of a True Christian

“Often, I get to thinking about what it is that sets my faith apart from the world. It’s not that I simply don’t want to be worldly, but I genuinely want to be godly. This should set me apart from the world if I am following God as the Scriptures teach. After all, the direction God is moving is not the same as the world. My life is hidden with Christ. As I have been contemplating, reflecting, and examining myself, I’m reminded of two essential marks that are true for every believer.”  Click image below to read full post. 

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Why Pastors Talk About Greek Words

“If you’re wondering why there’s talk of different languages going on during sermons at church, this blog post will be helpful to you. I remember the first few times I heard my pastor talk about definitions of Hebrew and Greek words during his sermons. I wondered why in the world he’s mentioning this gibberish. After all, English words are hard enough to understand! Well, the truth is, Greek words should be mentioned from the pulpit because that’s what the Apostles actually wrote.”  Click image below to read full post.

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