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Why Women Are Not Pastors, Pt. II

“Expectantly, I got all kinds of pushback from the first Why Women Are Not Pastors post… The few good conversations I did have were strictly about the Bible texts (which is my goal, by the way). One of the common objections to the conclusion that women are not to take on pastoral positions dealt with Paul’s teaching on head coverings.. Yep… head coverings. Not pastoral positions.. But I rolled with it.”  Click image below to read full post.

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Why Pastors Talk About Greek Words

“If you’re wondering why there’s talk of different languages going on during sermons at church, this blog post will be helpful to you. I remember the first few times I heard my pastor talk about definitions of Hebrew and Greek words during his sermons. I wondered why in the world he’s mentioning this gibberish. After all, English words are hard enough to understand! Well, the truth is, Greek words should be mentioned from the pulpit because that’s what the Apostles actually wrote.”  Click image below to read full post.

Why Pastors Talk About Greek Words, bible translations, bible, greek text

Daily Repentance Trumps Annual Rededication

“What is rededication? This idea is not just about the holidays, but it often happens around them. It is common among Christian circles today to rededicate one’s life to God. Meaning, if you have placed your faith in Christ before, yet have drifted away in the faith—living in sin and wandering away from God—you can rededicate your life back to relationship with God.” Click image below to read full post. 

daily repentance trumps annual rededication

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