Will you partner with us in God’s work?

It’s been an honor to pastor and plant new churches in Kansas for almost two years now. Sharing the journey with you on my blog has been fun and refreshing. I would love to have your support in all this work. If you have been following my posts you’re aware that God has been blessing the ministry. We’ve seen the gospel preached, new disciples of Christ made, baptisms, child dedications, Grow Groups serving the community, and more. By your support, we can continue sharing in Christ and see the Kingdom of God continue to advance.

If you would like to partner, consider helping in 3 ways. You can first, subscribe.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog in the footer of this page with your email address, and follow me on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc. to stay in touch when new posts go out. Simply reading the posts and leaving your comments is an encouragement to us. We love sharing about what God is doing around us, if nothing else. Your subscription would be a great step in partnering with us.

You can pray.

Please keep me and the current church plants in your prayers. The fool says he doesn’t need prayer! I need yours. If you’d like to hear about specific ways to pray, view any post under the Life & Ministry Updates category, where I share recent events, accomplishments, and the direction our church is headed. You can also contact me on social media platforms for prayer requests.

You can give.

If you would like to physically join us here, you are welcome to! Go ahead and move here! For many, however, they can’t be here but are willing to generously support us in joining God’s work. If you would like to support us by giving, you can visit the Give page. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Whatever is given will be stewarded well for the advancement of the gospel.



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