The Glorious Habitation [Spurgeon’s Sermons]

The following excerpt is from Sermon I of Spurgeon’s Sermons, vol. 2, titled, “The Glorious Habitation.”

I congratulate you, Christians, first, that you have such a magnificent house to dwell in. You have not a palace that shall be as gorgeous as Solomon’s—a mighty palace as immense as the dwellings of the kings of Assyria, or Babylon; but you have a God that is more than mortal creatures can behold; you dwell in an immortal fabric, you dwell in the Godhead—something which is beyond all human skill. I congratulate you, moreover, that you live in such a perfect house. There never was a house on earth that could not be made a little better; but the house you dwell in has every thing you want; in God you have all you require. I congratulate you, moreover, that you live in a house that shall last forever, a dwelling-place that shall not pass away; when this world shall have been scattered like a dream; when, like the bubble on the breaker, creation shall have died away; when all this universe shall have died out like a spark from an expiring brand, your house shall live and stand more imperishable than marble, more solid than granite, self-existent as God, for it is God! Be happy then.

It is true that Jesus came into the earth where he had no dwelling place—”no place to lay his head”—in order to make a way for God to be our dwelling place. Though this brief quote is but a snapshot of a wonderfully rich chapter, let this fact ring true in your heart and soul: God is our everlasting dwelling place.

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C.H. Spurgeon, Spurgeon’s Sermons, vol. 2 (1883; reprint, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House Company, 1984), 13-14.

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