10 thoughts on “The Splendor of God’s Majesty is Terrifying

  1. Very interesting! This reminds me of a video I watched the other day with the kids on Pureflix…if you haven’t heard of it its like Netflix but many faith based movies for kids and adults. It was called God of Wonders if you want to check it out! It was so cool to hear scientists matching up scriptures to science facts. Best way I can describe it right now. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for sharing your insight with us. I suppose it’s hard to really get a grip on this just because a lot of us don’t experience God’s holiness firsthand – since, as you said, God’s complete glory is veiled, or else we might perish. But I know in my own life, even interactions that only displayed a sliver of God’s glory have felt extremely powerful. That’s a blessing for sure. I suppose too it’s just hard to admit that we don’t know a lot about God, because we want to know everything about him so that we can feel safe! But I suppose too, for our friends on earth, we never know about them entirely either. Yet we still have that relationship. How much more with God. Wow, now my mind is just reeling. Thanks again for sharing this, and encouraging a little humility in us! Lots of stuff to think about!