15 thoughts on “Today’s Goal Is Not to Be Entertained

  1. I agree with you completely. We need God in order to live a good life. He is our strength and righteousness. We can do nothing good without him, and this must be a daily fill-up of the Spirit. It’s like the manna that fell each morning. They had to gather it every day. It went rotten if the tried to save some for the next day.

    Yes, in our culure we all long to be entertained. What works for me is asking God to remind me to spend time with him. Having a set time once a day, but also, before doing anything to entertain myself, spend a half hour praying and reading first. You are right, God will show us wonderful things when we spend time with him.

  2. Brilliant and 100% true. When entertainment becomes an idol, it is sin. And if you watch anything you wouldn’t watch with Jesus sitting next to you – it’s a sin. He is sitting there next to you. Thanks for a thought-provoking blog.