15 thoughts on “Today’s Goal Is Not to Be Entertained

  1. Well said. And the habits we form around our choice of activity (or couch potato-ing) make changing our behavior that much more difficult. As with anything we do repetitively–such as using our little or big screens over and over each day, or watching our entertaining shows every evening–we will have to be more diligent and firm with ourselves to not only stop an activity God has convicted us about, but just as diligent to replace it with a wholesome, productive activity. It’s what Paul said, isn’t it, setting our minds on eternal things not temporal things. Thanks for your good thoughts.

  2. I really love this post because it speaks truth and calls us to be accountable! I have to check myself several times throughout the year and unplug from social media because I find myself spending hours simply scrolling when I have so much more that I can do to live in my purpose! Thanks for the reminder!