Top 5 Favorite Ministry Recommendations

I want to share with you five of my favorite ministries out there. Throughout my journey, I’ve been encouraged and built up the most through my local church—CrossPoint. It’s where I gave my life to Christ (2010) and the place where God made me alive. CrossPoint is my church family. Here in this post, however, are a few ministries that I often turn to outside my local church.

These external ministries really have their own benefits to me. I’ve learned a lot from them. Depending on the topic or subject, I often examine my teachings and beliefs by listening to what these people of God have to say. They have been a blessing to me, and I hope they can be a blessing to you as well.

Grace to You Ministries

John MacArthur’s ministry has influenced my preaching and teaching more than any other. What I’ve learned the most from watching MacArthur is the importance of Sola Scriptura. Today, I have a greater love and appreciation for the Bible from watching John MacArthur’s stellar expository preaching. I possess a great amount of respect for John MacArthur and Grace to You.

Ligonier Ministries

R.C. Sproul is another Bible-teaching hero of mine. I benefit from Ligonier’s ministry the most by using and sharing their small books, following their podcasts, and enjoying their DVD on the life of Martin Luther, which I received as a gift. I was also gifted The Reformation Study Bible (published by Ligonier Ministries) by our local church members last year as a thank you.

Alpha and Omega Ministries

James White is the best apologist and debater I follow. As a Reformed Baptist, I agree with him on everything I’ve heard so far. I commend and respect him so much for his ability to clearly, accurately, and precisely communicate the truths of God, especially to the lost. There’s no doubt his ministry has been used to regenerate souls. Furthermore, watching his godly responses to those who openly refuse to listen to the truth has ministered to me greatly.

Wretched Radio

I was first introduced to Todd Friel when he appeared at the Strange Fire conference. Since then, I found his ministry, Wretched, and have followed it since. His YouTube videos and podcasts have encouraged me greatly. Todd possesses great theology and communication skills. His ability to ask good, effective questions have ministered to me the most.

Apologia Studios

Jeff Durbin is a pastor who’s been on the front lines for the Christian faith as well. I’ve been encouraged and educated watching his videos on abortion and evangelism. The clips I usually watch are the ones of him standing outside abortion clinics or on the streets sharing the gospel to Mormons. He’s got some things to say.

These learned, God-glorifying, faithful ministries are being used by God to advance the Kingdom. They’ve been a great encouragement to me, and I often share them with people who are seeking the truth. These aren’t the only five, but they’re my top five recommendations. Hope they can be a blessing to you as they have been to me.

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