Top 5 Favorite Places to Visit in Estes Park

We love the mountains; we are mountain people. For the past few years, we’ve been doing a pretty good job getting away for a vacation to Estes Park. It’s where our honeymoon took place, and we’ve been going back ever since. This list reveals my top five favorite places to visit in Estes Park, Colorado…

Rocky Mountain National Park

This park is worth the trip alone. If I had to pick only one thing to do in Estes Park, it would be going to RMNP. The scenes are breathtaking. In the town, you can nearly touch elk, mule deer, turkeys, and other wildlife; but there’s even more in Rocky Mountain National Park. You can camp, hike trails, shoot photos, fish, ride horses, or whatever kind of adventure you’re looking for. There’s much to see and enjoy at RMNP.

The Egg & I

Love good food? This is my favorite breakfast place. After a long day of hiking in the mountains and sleeping in, ya need a good breakfast! There’s no better service for a lower price than The Egg & I for breakfast. Their food is fresh and hot. Their pancakes are the biggest I’ve ever seen! For real. If you need a great breakfast place, I definitely recommend The Egg & I.

Estes Park Mountain Shop

For clothing, gear, and cool knickknacks, visit the Estes Park Mountain Shop. They have affordable name brand products. A few years ago, we didn’t have the right clothing and gear needed to hike the mountains. At Estes Park Mountain Shop they have a huge basement with tons of products on clearance. I believe they call it the bargain basement or something like that. Whether you’re new to the mountain terrain, or simply need a good place to get better gear, visit the Mountain Shop.

Cascades—The Stanley Hotel

For fine dining, we’ve enjoyed also eating at Cascades. This is only for special occasions. You may have to save up, but the steak is splendid. We have gone here a couple of times to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It’s one of the finest places we’ve ever eaten. The Stanley Hotel is a beautiful building worth admiring. I recommend visiting Cascades for a fine steak dinner to celebrate an anniversary or event.

Kind Coffee

Can you tell we love food? My favorite coffee shop in Estes Park is by far, Kind Coffee. There’s a handful of great coffee places, but none of them beat Kind Coffee in my opinion. The place definitely employs hipsters. The coffee is fresh and clean. They are an organic wholesaler, and have original merchandise to browse. Macey likes the fun cups such as the “S’mores” cappuccino, and I like the plain drip coffees. However you take your coffee, they’re all good. For all coffee cravings, I recommend Kind Coffee.

estes park, colorado, cascades, stanley hotel, rocky mountain national park, elk, mule deer

estes park, colorado, cascades, stanley hotel, rocky mountain national park, elk

estes park, colorado, cascades, stanley hotel

estes park, colorado, cascades, stanley hotel

estes park, colorado, cascades, stanley hotel

bear lake, estes park, colorado, mountains,

bear lake, estes park, colorado

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