The Vanguard and Rereward of the Church [Spurgeon’s Sermons]

The following excerpt is from sermon twenty-four of Spurgeon’s Sermons, vol. 5, titled, “The Vanguard and Rereward of the Church.”

Now let me always think, that I have a God behind me as well as before me. Let not the memories of the past, though they cause me grief, cause me despair. Let me never bemoan because of past trial or past bereavement; let me never be cast down on account of past sin; but let me look to Christ for the pardon of my past; and to God for the sanctification of my past troubles. Let me believe that he who has cleared the way before me, has removed all enemies from behind me, that I am and must be perpetually safe.

And now, are there any here to-day whose hearts God hath touched, who desire to join this great army? Have I one here who has been enlisted in the black army of the devil, and has long been fighting his way against God and against right? I pray that he may be compelled this day to ground his arms, and surrender at discretion to God. Sinner, if the Lord inclines thine heart this day to yield up thyself to him, the past shall all be blotted out; God shall be thy rereward. As for thy innumerable sins, leave them to Christ, he will make short work of them; by his blood he will slay them all; they shall not be mentioned against thee for ever. And as for the future, thou chief of sinners, if now thou enlistest into the army of Christ by faith, thou shalt find the future shall be strewn with the gold of God’s grace, and the silver of his temporal mercies; thou shalt have enough and to spare, from this day forth even to the end, and at the last thou shalt be gathered in by the great arms of God, that constitute the rear-guard of his heavenly army.

Come, ye chief of sinners, come away to Christ. He now invites you to come to him; he asks nothing of you as a preparation. Christ’s regiment is made up of men that are in debt and are discontented: the refuse of the world Christ will take: the scum, the dross, the offal of the universe Christ loves; the sweepings of our dens of iniquity, the very leavings of the devil’s mill Christ is willing to receive, the chief of sinners, those who have been ministers in guilt, abortions of iniquity. Come to him; lay hold of him by faith; look to him as he hangs upon the tree; believe in his merit, and then shall this promise be yours, with innumerable others that are rich beyond all estimation; and you shall rejoice that Jehovah is gone before you, and that the God of Israel is your rereward.

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C.H. Spurgeon, Spurgeon’s Sermons, vol. 5 (1883; reprint, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House Company, 1984), 400-401.

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  1. Payte,

    I was pleased to see the green set of Spurgeon sermons. I have the exact set, no doubt (plus a couple others). Over twenty years ago I read so many Spurgeon sermons, I almost named my firstborn son Spurgeon. I learned much from him . . . “look to him as he hangs upon the tree”. The phrase that will always be with me, “Look and live!” Thanks for subscribing to my new blog, With My Own Eyes. God bless you man. Keep saying Yes to Jesus.