Visit Books but Live in the Bible

I love to read. Reading is so good.

In case you didn’t know, my birthday is coming up pretty soon and I wouldn’t mind an Amazon gift card or something for more books. Just sayin’.

It’s funny writing out that I love to read. My high school years were spent largely on sports. Honestly, I’d dream about performing on stages, not flipping through pages—concerned about my looks, not books. Ironically, I was never that good either. Regardless, my mind was there.

I didn’t enjoy reading whatsoever. But in college, the Lord sparked something in me not only about reading, but about the Bible. Compared to my textbooks, I read the Bible the most! I’d wake up early in the mornings to read and pray. Reading the clear truth packed into the Word gave me real refreshment every day—and still does.

Lately, the Lord has been reminding me of some very important, foundational things regarding the Bible that I want to share with you.

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.”

The Bible is God’s book.

No book that you will ever read or write comes close in comparison to what the Bible can offer you. Any other book may be able to talk about God’s book well, but realize it won’t compare. The Bible can inspire, revive, exhort, correct, discipline, train, and connect you to God all at the same time! What other book can do this?

As the great “Prince of Preachers” said, it is good to visit many good books! However, live in the Bible.

What do you think this means?

Don’t get hung up elsewhere. God has given us the Bible for daily use. It needs to be part of the Christian’s daily routine. It’s like daily bread, not cake for special occasions. You see, the Bible was not given only to priests and pastors, but also to laymen and the average Joe. The Word has more functions than only writing sermons.

When I was on staff for a collegiate ministry organization, my director, Carin Cochran, once said to me, “Always read the Bible more than you read about the Bible.” That instruction was so beneficial for me and I listened. It may be one of the most helpful things anyone has ever said to me.

Please take this and apply it! Please look to Christ as your Savior and live in the Bible!

Keep reading…

Many good books are out there, as you’ve seen. Read them! Visit them well, but if you’re not living in the Bible, how will you know what to compare each book to? Where can you safely retreat? How will you be able to discern truth if you’re not planted in Scripture first?

God’s voice trumps man’s voice, friends. Before you read on what man has to say—including me—today, first hear what God has to say. It is certainly easy to nod your head or amen these things, but what is your life and daily routine saying you believe?

This is what I preach to myself.

I believe both what Charles and Carin have said is lasting, true, and beneficial. I pray the Lord will allow my life to display this truth. Let us visit many many good books! ‘Cause you know I love to read (remember my birthday is coming up). Although, more than reading, I love to live.

May we be like little children running to the Bible daily to meet with God—to hear him speak truth and life into our bones. May we do this privately and publicly. May we do it for God, because of God.

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