Uncomfortable, yet rewarding.

Sharing a car is one of the most uncomfortable decisions we made together early on in marriage. Though it’s been challenging, it was a great decision for us. Starting off with two, we decided to sell Macey’s car to her sister, Bea, after we returned from our honeymoon in Colorado. This decision has forced Macey and I to share more, and learn the need to communicate clearly. Now, we have been fortunate to live close by our workplaces. I’ve been able to ride a bike to work every day. Macey works across the street most days. But we go more places than just work.

Yes, sometimes the car needs a repair done. During those times, we are carless together, but content. Sometimes neither of us have the car!

Normally though, we have to discuss each week who gets the car based on what’s going on. If there’s miscommunication or forgetfulness, it throws the partner in a bind sometimes. I admit there’s been times we’ve needed a ride from a friend or family member, but we’ve been able to work through who gets to go where without causing arguments. And we have been doing this for over a year now.

It’s been a season of saving thousands of dollars (yes, really). This alone made it worth it for us. Yet, I feel the season is coming to a close. We decided to share a car until we are debt free. By God’s grace, we are near paying off my school loan—which is our only debt—and we will look at buying a second car. When asking Macey about the decision, she would agree. It’s been stressful at times, but worth it, considering how much money we saved in order to accomplish paying off debt.

This all came about based on our desire to pay off debt as quickly as possible. Investing can be done wisely, and we aren’t saying we won’t go into debt again. The fact is, we will go into debt again for a house one day, probably. But we find it best for us to not tackle too much financially at one time. We could easily make the monthly payments for more than one loan, but why should we tie ourselves to such commitments if we don’t need to?

My wife made it possible.

For most couples, two cars is not only necessary, but needed. I get that. But what about the other expenses that aren’t needed? Many struggle with debt because of discontentment. We can make more than enough in America to live comfortably without having to use credit cards, given the circumstances are healthy. A lot is due to the way our culture tells us to get what we feel, and get it now. Having a little patience, having to work for something, is not such a bad thing. In fact, it grows you having to work and save up for something.

Macey and I decided that for us, we could function in contentment and work together with one car so that we could get debt free fast. And we are about finished! Now that we have a couple new jobs that involve farther travels, we will be looking to purchase another car outright once my school loan is paid for.

I could talk for days about financial discipline. If you and I converse, you’ve heard me talk about it. This is not only wise for today, it is setting up my ability to provide my future children with an inheritance. As hopeful future parents, we want the very best for our family. Macey values this too. With her help, we can; we are.

I want to publicly thank my wife, Macey. She is the best wife. I admire her wisdom, self-control, inspiration, meekness, work ethic, and understanding. She is going to be an excellent mother when the Lord allows us to have children. She makes my life far better. Because my wife is selfless, a communicator, and patient, she was able to share one car with me for over a year, to this day.