What We Need More Than Retweets, Likes, & Shares

There’s no doubt that we all love to see social media notifications. It’s great to be able to stay connected with people all over the place as we go on about our day. Creating content that others can like, favorite, retweet, and share is quite enjoyable. The traffic we get on our social media pages and blogs is what we’re really after though. Am I right? Social media isn’t that enjoyable if we get little to no interaction. Rather than using social media to actually connect with a few people, it can become a chase. In turn, social media notifications can actually become addicting.

I think we all desire to have great traffic on our sites. This isn’t a bad desire. However, do you find yourself consumed with needing notifications? Do you post 329475 times a day? Do you think to yourself, “How can I get some likes/favorites today? Do I need to follow more people? Follow less people? Change my content? Work harder? Think better?” If social media becomes a chase, then it becomes about popularity instead of connecting with people. And it’s obvious who these people are.

Just yesterday I saw someone tweet something like, “Well, I haven’t been getting retweets and much interaction here on Twitter. I guess this isn’t my platform anymore.”

This is exactly the kind of stuff I’m talking about. We all feel this at times to a degree. But it can get very unhealthy if we are using social media to get a platform and popularity. Not everyone is going to get a platform. And the notifications it brings are not worth chasing.

What we have to do is guard ourselves from chasing things that will not satisfy. I hate to break it to ya, but social media won’t satisfy you. That is why I wanted to create this post. The Bible is packed with rich truth. Promises of God flood the books of the Bible. Rather than chasing things that quickly fade—such as social media notifications—open the Scriptures! The words of God are far more entertaining, refreshing, and encouraging. If God uses your social media as a popular platform for his truth, then great! But don’t get caught up in the chase. Get caught up in His Word and enjoy bearing fruit that remains.

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Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash