Hello, my name is Payte.

I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ, husband, dad, social media manager for The Majesty’s Men, and host of the Discern Daily show.

We live in Lindsborg, Kansas. In my free time I enjoy playing disc golf, drinking coffee, reading, playing drums, and writing.

This site was originally created as a place for me to share ministry updates about a new church plant, where I served as pastor for about three years. Since then, my blog has turned into more than just a place to write about updates.

I work hard to produce articles, videos, and more on this site to encourage others in the truth of the gospel.

The internet is a fascinating tool. I’ve been able to connect with so many people from all over the world through blogging. In fact, you can read some more about my personal blogging journey here if you’re interested.

Please browse around, enjoy my site, and feel free to connect with me. “Let’s seek the truth. Let’s share in Christ.”

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