First Anniversary, Banking, & Church Planting

Well, family and friends, there’s been a lot going on! That’s for sure. Within the last two months of life, Macey and I have been rejoicingly happy! Things have been going well. For a brief moment, I’d like to update y’all on the season of life I’m in.

Macey and I celebrated our first anniversary back in April (I know, it seems like a long time ago). We spent a few days at our favorite place on earth. It was wonderful visiting Estes Park, Colorado once again. We are mountain people. Hiking, shooting photos, sight-seeing, breathing in the Colorado air is what we loooove to do.

Our first year of marriage taught us many things—too many to explain in one blog. However, my Teachings category is filled with material that I learned from our first year of marriage. Humility, discipline, confession, forgiveness, and joy are the main words that I think of when reflecting on our first year’s growth.

Macey is such an amazing wife. She serves me so well. I’m such a young punk, but she’s such a mature woman of God. I truly don’t deserve her. With her help, she is not only keeping me grounded on the narrow path, but she is helping me grow into the wise, old, man of God I aspire to be. Her and I love marriage, and look forward to the many years to come together!

We still live in a two-bedroom apartment as we pursue paying off the last bit of my school loans. We are almost done! After we accomplish the goal of being debt-free, we will look to buy a home in Lindsborg, Kansas. Meanwhile, we will be working hard to pay the bills, give to the church, and pay as much as we can to the debt we still have.

In taking the position as campus pastor at CrossPoint Lindsborg, I also took an available position at First Bank Kansas. My job as pastor is a non-paid position. I hope one day to be a paid staff member. In the meantime, ironically, the bank is paying the bills for us, haha.

Working for First Bank Kansas has been a good experience thus far. They provide much of what I need financially to provide for my family, while having the evenings and weekends free. Learning about the banking world is no walk in the park. There is much to learn. I’ve been both, pastoring and banking for almost two months now. Needless to say, there’s been lots for me to learn.  » » I could definitely use some room on your prayer list. « «

Being a pastor is my dream job. I’m hoping the Lord will provide the financial support for me to do this “full-time” if you know what I mean. I am thrilled about the opportunity I’ve been given so far in planting CrossPoint Lindsborg! And I know the Lord is able to raise up leaders, and take leaders out of position. Whichever direction the Lord wills shall be my desire. Wherever God has us, we are still his children, and we are still on mission. However, it would be so rad to not have to work two different “jobs” if you know what I mean. Praying for this to happen.

Planting Lindsborg has been a fruitful and moving experience. I’m seeing God work. Relationships are being made; relationships are growing stronger. Intercession is happening. The gospel is getting preached. Grow Group is healthy. All the while, we could use your prayer and resources. Consider joining the work somehow. Partner with us to take the gospel to Lindsborg, and see God transform lives.

I’m so undeserving of the opportunity to be the campus pastor in Lindsborg. By God’s grace, I am where I am, and will be where I’ll be. Watching lives transform by the power of God found in the gospel is a marvelous joy. Stepping through the CrossPoint Lindsborg campus doors almost two months ago, we had about 10 people a part of the church. We had 29 at church today, and this is the average. On some Sunday’s, we hit around 40 in attendance. We are growing.

Soon I will be sharing more specifics about different areas in the ministry. In this post, I wanted to simply request your partnership by adding us to your prayer list. Pray for us at least once, if anything. Please pray for us all to experience the grace of God through Christ, and to continue in this same grace, as we hope that God will grow his church.

Thank you for your love and support!

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4 thoughts on “First Anniversary, Banking, & Church Planting

  1. We just loved visiting the service when we were in town visiting the family. The children’s area you have is phenomenal! It’s great to know how inclusive you are to the kiddos in the congregation. Good planning there!

    1. Lisa, this is so encouraging! Thank you very much. You’re welcome to join us anytime you’re in town again!