Another Lindsborg Baptism
(July 2018)

This weekend I had the privilege of baptizing another brother!

Gage is a friend of mine from high school who recently got plugged in at CrossPoint. It was so cool to see him randomly show up one Sunday out the blue. He didn’t even warn me he was coming!

That Sunday, he shared with me how God had been drawing him in and working in his life. He was hungry to know Jesus better. We began meeting after that weekend to talk more and begin reading the Bible together.

The Lord has been working in him so much that he felt the urge to get baptized. And we made it happen!

Watch the full baptism video here.

I’m grateful to God that I get to be a part of his miraculous work here in Lindsborg. This was our third baptism for the current year, and I’m praying for more people to take this step.

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Baptism is an outward expression of an inward truth. Every follower of Christ is called to baptism as a profession of faith. It’s important that people understand what baptism is before doing it.

As we continue sharing the gospel and ministering to people in Lindsborg, pray that God would grant us consistency and wisdom. We don’t want to be lukewarm in Lindsborg, but passionate for his glory.

To those who have partnered with me in ministry — thank you. You are a part of this work! Join me in celebrating the work God has done in Gage! Isn’t God good?

How are things going for you in your walk with God? How are things over at your local church? Hope to hear from you. Share in the comments below!

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