Christians Cannot Hear Truth and Ignore It

The following excerpt is from an article I wrote on the CrossPoint Blog, titled, “Becoming Like the Word, Not the World.”

A helpful picture is given to us in the earlier passage from James chapter one. He mentions looking at your own face in a mirror. Most of us look into a mirror every day.

When you look into a mirror, what does common sense tell you to do? Make a change — adjust your hair; wipe something off your face; pick food out of your teeth. When we see ourselves clearly we make a change. And we all have imperfections that need attention.

If you think I’m wrong, try not to make any adjustments after looking in the mirror for a couple of days… Good luck!

Why does James bring this up? What does looking at ourselves in the mirror have to do with anything?

One reason could be that opening the Word reveals some things in our lives that need to change. It’s impossible for Christians to hear truth — hear instruction — and not try to follow it. If the Holy Spirit resides in us, we are compelled to obey.

That is why Paul said “we are not, like so many, peddlers of God’s word.” And James said, “Be doers of the word, and not hearers only.”

You cannot look into the mirror and not clean yourself up. Likewise, Christians cannot hear biblical truth and not make changes in their life.

Making changes in our life is indicative of hearing from God (reading the Bible). An obvious reason many lives don’t look biblical is due to little Bible reading. How often are we really spending time alone in the Word?

Again, are we becoming more like the Word or like the world? It makes sense that we would become like the world if we are not spending time in the Bible.

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6 thoughts on “Christians Cannot Hear Truth and Ignore It

  1. I agree with this concept except for one thing. You say we as christians are compelled to obey the Word. Now the holy spirit may tell us to turn away from something wrong that we are doing. But in the end, God gives us a choice. We can ignore the holy spirit and go our own way if we want, but there will definitely be consequences. I’m just saying that everyone has a choice as a christian to follow the Word or not. Those who follow it will be rewarded.

    1. Thanks Lily! I know they use Disqus. Sometimes their buttons are unresponsive. You can use the url link though. I appreciate you letting me know.

      1. My pastor has asked me to preach at my sister church’s Homecoming. They have a lot of issues with not reflecting Christ–arguing, clique-ish-ness, not really loving each other. She thinks I should do it because I would be a powerful witness. I’m inspired by this article and may use that James verse for the message!

  2. Hi Payte, thank you for the follow at I’m glad we crossed cyber paths. 🙂 I love the layout and pictures of your blog, and of course your message! Blessings to you and your family!