A Devotion, Home Projects, and Other News

Today, I made time to create a new video for the blog! Sharing what’s been going on in our house sounded like a good idea for a new post. So, I shared a few updates in this video. Furthermore, you can find a brief devotion, involving 1 Peter 2 and 2 Timothy 2.

You can also find the video on my YouTube channel here.

Share your response below.

Are you currently a homeowner in the middle of any projects? What kind of advice would you give to new homeowners?

Take a look at 1 Peter 2 or 2 Timothy 2. What stands out to you? Is the Holy Spirit showing you anything new in the Word?

Leave a comment below. I would greatly appreciate you sharing this video with your friends and family.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “A Devotion, Home Projects, and Other News [Video]

  1. GREAT blog. GREAT message. I want to always be available for God to use me for His kingdom. It can be difficult at times since we live in this world, and the world can be a bit overwhelming at times. We must always find regular quiet time, so that we may more effectively communicate with God – to get closer to Him, to hear Him, to find out His plans for us. We are His soldiers. We are His royal priesthood.