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Your Feelings Are Important, but Don’t Follow Them

“Every disciple of Jesus must learn to look for truth outside of themselves. As we submit to God’s ways in the face of our hurt feelings, eventually our heart will begin to line up with God’s heart. Rather than following our heart, we need to guard and guide our heart. We do this by following God’s truth. The world will tell you to just follow your heart; God says, ‘Follow me.'” Click image below to read full post.

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Why Women Are Not Pastors, Pt. II

“Expectantly, I got all kinds of pushback from the first Why Women Are Not Pastors post… The few good conversations I did have were strictly about the Bible texts (which is my goal, by the way). One of the common objections to the conclusion that women are not to take on pastoral positions dealt with Paul’s teaching on head coverings.. Yep… head coverings. Not pastoral positions.. But I rolled with it.”  Click image below to read full post.

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I’m Fine Calling Myself a Calvinist

“I have yet to find any compelling reason not to agree with Calvinism. Maybe I’m not educated enough. Maybe I just haven’t found the bad theology yet. I’m still waiting… Now, when I mention Calvinism I am alluding to the TULIP. I’m not saying John Calvin is our savior. And you can certainly be saved without being a Calvinist. I want to hear substantial arguments against the actual doctrines of Calvinism. Where is the substance, the evidence, and objective mistakes within Calvinism?” Click image below to read full post.

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