Let’s Partner Together

It has been a blessing to share updates, writings, sermons, and more with everyone here on my blog. I would love to have your support in the work. Consider helping in three ways.


Be sure to subscribe to this blog in the footer of this page with your email address and connect on social media platforms. Reading the posts and leaving your comments is an encouragement to me. Subscribing would be a great step in partnering.


Please keep us in your prayers. The fool says he doesn’t need prayer. I need yours. If you’d like to hear about specific ways to pray, view the Updates category. We can also connect on social media to share prayer requests.


To keep this site up and running with great security and fresh content, support the work by donating here. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be stewarded well.

For all other partnership inquires such as sponsorships, advertisements, reviews, booking, and more, send me a direct message.

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