Pray Bigger Prayers

Here’s a nugget I took away from church this weekend.

It’s sort of like cleaning, or doing yard work around the house. The process of cleaning isn’t enjoyable, but having things clean makes the cleaning worth it. So it is with prayer. The result of praying makes the process of prayer more exciting.

This isn’t to say communing with God isn’t enjoyable, but we need to humble ourselves sometimes in order to get there.

Humbling ourselves before God in prayer is not always easy, fun, or enjoyable. Encountering God and seeing bold prayers answered makes it all worth it.

Lately, God has been answering big prayers of mine. This has been rejuvenating and my relationship with God is deeper.

What do you think about praying big, beautiful prayers? What keeps you motivated to remain steadfast in prayer?

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5 thoughts on “Pray Bigger Prayers [Vlog]

  1. Yes, the Lord has been working on my prayer life for many years and everyday I see more clearly how vital it is to our daily lives as believers. What a blessing it is to share the burden of the troubles and heartaches of our brothers and sisters in Christ And so comforting to call upon the living God of all creation knowing that He hears and cares!

  2. I think we should do as he says and ALWAYS PRAY , the problem is we get caught up and forget that God is still in the blessing business . But I totally agree with you , humbling ourselves and trusting him will make it worth the wait because the prayers of the righteous avail much !!! Have a great day ….