Praying Reactively vs. Proactively

The following excerpt is from an article I wrote for the CrossPoint Blog, titled, “Prayer Isn’t Our Last Resort.”

If we were honest with ourselves, I bet most of us use prayer as a last resort rather than a first go-to.

Once a problem arises we immediately try fixing it on our own instead of handing it over to the God of the Universe. We mistakenly try to repair the damage instead of asking the Great Physician for his healing hand. It’s only after we have tried restoring things ourselves that we go to God in prayer.

This is what it means to pray reactively. We wander through life prayerlessly until something bad happens. And when things get too difficult for us to handle we go to God in prayer. It’s almost as if we pray just to put out fires.

Instead of only praying reactively, we should also begin praying proactively. 

Some of the difficulties that force us into prayer could have been totally avoided if we would have been proactive in our prayers in the first place. We should be praying to God every step we take through life.

We act reactively (rather than proactively) in other areas than just prayer. It could even be argued that most people attend weekend church services as a reaction to their mess from last week. They come seeking comfort and encouragement for last week’s troubles instead of proactively partnering with other believers to make disciples in the upcoming week.

Our Christianity is good for more than reactions. God deserves more of our attention and trust than just rescuing us for our mistakes.

He is able to guide us. He can show us the way to life, good direction, and grant us discernment.

There’s a lot of good in praying to God reactively! He can certainly comfort us in every affliction, rescue us from hurts, and pick us up when we’re low. That is usually where our prayers begin. As God matures us and sanctifies us in his truth, he teaches us how to pray proactively too

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4 thoughts on “Praying Reactively vs. Proactively

  1. The scriptures tell us, the prayers of sinners are not heard by the Father. If we don’t put him first, trust me, he’s not minding us either. Fellowship with the father daily is required, not demanded, but choose wisely. Blessings