Scripture Already Answers Many Prayers

The following excerpt comes from an article I wrote for the CrossPoint Blog.

Is there something you are currently praying about? Are you searching for some answers in prayer? My encouragement for you is to search the Scriptures to see if God has provided the answer already.

The Bible is sufficient and helpful. It’s not just a good option. It’s the only way. If there’s an answer in the Bible, then that’s the answer.

Scripture reveals more to us than just information. When we open the Word and take in its truth, we are experiencing the voice of God. It will not return empty. It will accomplish God’s purpose. It will prosper and transform. It’s our only objective go-to.

Now, to forewarn you, the answers you’re going to find in Scripture may not be what you want to hear. Steven Lawson said it well, “The Bible is not hard to understand. It is just hard to swallow.”

Most of the time, we are drawn to the Bible because it encourages us and deepens our relationship with God. Other times, it corrects us. We may not agree with God on everything, but whose direction is true, right, and perfect? Are God’s ways higher or our ways?

It’s a game changer when the Bible becomes more than just an option. God’s Word is everything to us. Christians aren’t allowed to get a different answer from somewhere else if we don’t like the Bible’s answer.

Truth is not meant to go in one ear and out the other; it’s supposed to remain in your heart and go out through your hands, mouth, and feet.

If you’re unsure about what to do, or where to go, search the Scriptures to find the answers God has provided. Some things need to be labored over in prayer, but in other things we just need to believe what God has said.

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