Stay Focused on the Main Thing

Our church family has been going through the Book of Genesis together. Genesis 32 explains a wrestling match that took place between God and Jacob because Jacob needed a wake-up call. I’ve been thinking about this story lately.

Like Jacob, sometimes we need a wake-up call. Sometimes God will wrestle each of us when we need it. How is your focus? Are you keeping the main thing in focus?

Audio Transcript

Hey everybody Payte here and I hope that you are having a fantastic day. I’m having a busy day. A productive day, but not a very fun one. That’s kind of the bittersweet side of having a productive day. You’re not really having a whole lot of fun but you’re getting stuff done, so therefore it’s good but you’re not… yeah anyways…

I’m having a productive day so I thought I would take a break from all my productivity and have a little bit of fun by making a video blog — a.k.a. a vlog.

This is something that I’ve wanted to do more and more. I used to do a whole bunch of them but then I deleted them because I think they all suck but anyway I’d like to get back to doing more video blogs — more vlogs using my face on a video and then maybe doing some cool transcription from it to keep the copyright up.

Anyways, I would like to just kind of share a conversation that me and my church family have been having this week. We’ve been going through the Book of Genesis together and there’s a really popular story in Genesis… oh shoot now I can’t remember, I think it’s Genesis 32, where there’s a wrestling match between God and Jacob.

There are so many good things to pull out of this popular story from Genesis. The fact that got wrestles with his people is a countercultural truth in and of itself and there are so many things to pull from that but if you look at the story, Jacob and his brother Esau have some relational beef between each other, and Jacob — being sort of a worrier — he’s stewing on these relational issues that he’s having with his brother.

God comes to Jacob in the middle of the night, he wrestles him for a good amount of time, and through that, God refocuses Jacobs attention back upon God.

This has grabbed my attention this week. The fact that God will fight you, the fact that God will wrestle with his people and he even renames Jacob to Israel which means “striven with God” and God invites us to wrestle with him and that’s okay.

I don’t know if you’re currently going through something where you’re wrestling with God or if maybe in the past you’ve wrestled with God on something but that’s okay to wrestle with him.

In fact, you could actually look at this story and if you’re not wrestling with God that actually might not be such a good thing because if we’re honest and real we will wrestle with God and His Word and his ways they will contradict us and there will be times where we will wrestle with God.

I’ve just been thinking about that keyword: focus.

God uses this situation and he examines Jacob and he refocuses Jacobs attention back upon himself to teach Jacob who he is and he’s the God of the universe but man I’ve just been contemplating that and examining myself of how my focus is.

How is my focus on God’s Word, how he’s moving, and his ways and my focus on the mission of the church and discipleship? And I wanted to let you in on this conversation and kind of direct your focus back onto the Word of God and look at Genesis 32 in the story of God wrestling Jacob.

How has your focus been this week? Are you just kind of going through the motions? Are you focused upon God and His Word and how he is working in and through you? Around at your workplace? In your family? I don’t know how and what exactly God is doing around you but God is alive and God is moving and he is working and he is doing so around you and we need to focus on these things because they are most important.

Furthermore, let me remind us of the first and greatest commandment — that is to love God. It’s not to love ourselves. It’s not to love others. It’s to love God. This is the first and greatest commandment. I mean if we do all the other things that God asked us but we neglect the first and greatest one, there’s kind of an issue there.

So, how are you doing with your relationship with God?

I was having a conversation with a younger gentleman, like myself, today and we were just talking and I just was pretty blunt and straightforward with him and I was asking him how much he reads his Bible every day. I’m just like, “Man, are you in Scripture? Are you reading?”

And he was pretty honest with me and he said that you know mostly he’s just been kind of looking at a verse or two each and every day and you know I was honest with him. I strive to spend at least an hour every day reading the Bible and I told him I was like, “Well what if I told you that I really love my wife, but I never talk to her? What if I told you that I love my wife very very much, I would lay down my life for her, but I only read one text from her a day?” Yeah that kind of gets the greater perspective that we need.

We need to be spending more than five seconds in the Bible every single day if we are to love God, if we’re to love him well.

We need to get to a place where we just need to sit down and we need to listen to him and we need to soak in his Word and let it transform us and it’s not gonna happen by spending two seconds in the Bible every single day.

So let me ask you — how is your focus this week? Let’s keep the main thing the main thing and I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Leave a comment below in this blog post and help me share this video and this blog post around so that we can get more in on the conversation. I look forward to hearing from you and we’ll see you guys soon.

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash