Technology Can Tempt Us to Self-Sufficiency

Our church family has been studying the Book of Genesis lately. Our focus last weekend was The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11). I’d like to bring up an interesting devotional thought to get your input.

According to Genesis 11:3, bricks were used to build the tower. Now, bricks were considered high-tech in their day, and although technology wasn’t the root cause of the great sin in the story, this advanced technology may have played a part in tempting the people towards self-sufficiency.

What do you think about this? Have you ever been tempted by technology to be self-sufficient? Has technology ever hurt your relationship with God instead of helping?

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4 thoughts on “Technology Can Tempt Us to Self-Sufficiency [Video]

  1. Wonderful truths. I never thought about the bricks on the tower being the high tech of then. When I posted a comment on the tower earlier this week I was commenting on how silly they were due to the vastness of what they thought they could do. I wonder how silly future generations will think we are when studying our current technology. So very glad to see young men with strong convictions for Jesus. Stay strong.

  2. Interesting thoughts here. See, I always thought–even as a child– that God just didn’t want the people to reach heaven because then they’d see everything before it was their time. Silly, right?

    I think Technology definitely hinders our relationship with the Lord because we are constantly surrounded by forms of entertainment–some of which are sinful engagements, but not just that, we spend less time with him when we’re distracted. Then again, spending time praying and communicating with God is a personal choice because no matter how many distractions there are, it’s ultimately up to the individual what he/she decides to do with their spare time.

    As far as Babylon–we can certainly argue that one of the sins was self-sufficiency or we could also claim there’s more than one sin here…They wanted to make a name for themselves–FAME. They weren’t content with things.

    That’s one thing about humans–we’re never satisfied with what we have–we strive for more or better. Take a look at what’s around us. We build things and update streets, roads, buildings, stores–why? Because we’re not content with the way things were, so there’s always a NEED to upgrade. While God wants us to be humble, the people who were building the tower were building it for the wrong reason. Technology is not bad, but it’s a distraction from what’s important. I honestly believe that God allows everything to happen for a reason–so everything fits his plan.

    If technology wasn’t supposed to be part of our progression as human beings–I don’t think he would’ve allowed it to come this far. I’m actually afraid of how far he’s willing to let us go with it because we’re still not at the cliche future of flying cars and highways in mid air.

    Let me know your thoughts. This is a great topic.

  3. Great post Pastor. Even more that self sufficiency, technology can embelish obsession with self in every way!
    I always think that when the Antichrist arises, all he need do is control internet and/or cell phones…people will quickly cede to his authority.
    May the Lord continue to bless and inspire you!