The Johnson Family is Growing!

We are making disciples… literally! Baby Johnson is expected to arrive on September 26th. We couldn’t be more excited!!!

The news was posted on our social media pages shortly after our first sonogram. We received a tremendous amount of encouragement regarding the recent updates!

Needless to say, my spirit was greatly lifted! Visiting the doctor’s office was enough excitement for us! Then all the messages started pouring in. Our hearts became so full.

I adore God for providing us with so many friendships. Many people have prayed for us and sent us caring words. God has richly blessed us!

We recently moved into Lindsborg. We bought our first house (read more about this here). Now, let’s just pray our nursery turns blue!!  😀

Our plan was to begin trying for a baby once we moved into our new house. By golly, we didn’t waste any time there! Really, the timing of it all has been perfect for us.

As for preparations, we’ve now got the space for Baby Johnson. And that’s about it. We are at the very beginning stages of it all. I would greatly appreciate your prayers as we make further preparations for Baby.

So, I had a lot to learn before this news came about. Now, I’ve really got a lot to learn—not just about Baby, but for Macey as well.

I want to make sure I can support her so that she can focus on being a mother 101% of the time.

This news is crazy cool to us. We are ecstatic! Being a father will challenge me. I know it is God’s will to take this responsibility seriously and glorify God through taking care of my family.

Not only do I have to; I get to!

Anyways, more updates are coming, but I wanted to let you lovely people in on the excitement! Join us in celebrating Baby Johnson coming in September!

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31 thoughts on “The Johnson Family is Growing!

  1. Oh how wonderful and what a blessing, congratulations! Praise God for those who have giving hearts are blessed with children, may you have a “quiver” full of them, 🙂

    I was happy to see that you attended Liberty University. I was at the dining table sitting across from Jerry Falwell in 1967, when he unveiled his plans for his original school, college and eventually envisioned University. So many were blessed through his vision back then and so happy you were one of them, Blessings back,