Victor Mole Trap Review

Earlier in the year, my wife and I bought our first home together. We hit the ground running with renovations and updating. We repaired walls, painted, built a new front porch, and even replaced a chunk of the foundation.

Our entire front yard got a complete makeover recently; however, after spending several days on dirt work, we soon realized we had a pesky mole problem. Here’s a quick video to show you — Houston, We Have a MOLE Problem [Video].

Now, I’ve never had to deal with moles before. After all, I’ve never had a yard before. Moles are so stressful! In the video, I mentioned my first idea to get rid of them — poison worms.

I think the poison worms helped get rid of some moles to be honest, but new mole runs kept springing up in my yard. I needed to be sure that I was actually getting rid of these critters.

Soon after the video, I decided to invest in some actual spring traps so that I could be sure I’m getting rid of the moles.

After browsing around on the internet and reading reviews, I decided to go with the Victor brand. They seemed reliable and people were catching moles with them, so I knew it could be done.

Here are two types of Victor mole traps I bought.


The price made me hesitant at first, but here’s the reality — getting rid of moles will take a few dollars. You can try the cheaper options out there. I didn’t have any proof of progress until I bought the Victor traps.

Poison worms really aren’t a bad option, especially if you’re worried about pets messing with the traps. I had the best luck with actual traps though.

Which Victor trap is better?

I would recommend the Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap over the Victor Plunger Mole Trap in a heartbeat.

The plunger trap is lower in price, but I had issues with it. In fact, I haven’t caught a single mole with the plunger trap yet. Several misfires have caused me to give up on it. Other people have had luck with the plunger trap, but I was disappointed with its performance. The mechanics seem to exist, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.

The Out O’Sight trap was exactly what I was looking for!

I was able to catch moles right away with it, and I’m always resetting it for more progress. I know this trap works because I get moles in hand. Sure, there are cheaper options that people recommend for mole problems, but spring traps are reusable and very durable.

We currently live in Kansas and we get all kinds of crazy weather. Just today, it was raining all morning, and when I got home from work I caught another mole with the Out O’Sight trap.

Victor is a great brand. I recommend checking out their products if you’re looking to get rid of pesky moles. If you’re undecided about which Victor trap to try, I hope this review has been helpful.

Do you have mole problems? Share in the comments what has worked for you.

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