We Are Having a Son!

Many of you know that we are expecting our first child in September. Yesterday, we heard some big news. My wife and I are having a baby boy! The feeling is surreal. Though we’d be excited about either gender, knowing that it’s a boy makes the pregnancy seem more real. We are so excited to hold our son. This morning I’ve been having blissful thoughts about teaching our boy about God and the Bible. Also, teaching my son how to drum and disc golf excites me! September can’t get here fast enough. Please join us in prayer for our son.

we are having a boy, having a baby

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Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

26 thoughts on “We Are Having a Son!

  1. Oh congratulations!! All the joy and tears, the wonder of seeing the world through a fresh pair of eyes, the thrill of watching them learn, the pain of watching them fail (and learn through that, too)… so much adventure awaits you both. Or I should say, the three of you.

    My son is 17, and I can only say having kids is both the hardest and the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me. Be prepared to experience a whole new level of what it means for God to call us His children!

      1. It is the most amazing thing. Even the hard parts. My greatest advice to new mothers is to enjoy those sweet, snuggly first few weeks even though your sleep will be all over the map and you’ll be tired. It really goes so, so quickly… I appreciated the midnight nursing sessions with our second and third much more than with our first.

        1. Thank you. We are hoping and praying that Macey will be able to stay home full time with our son. This will help a lot if we can make this work.

          1. I will join you in prayer for that. Lord, please provide their family in mighty and unusual ways. Give the gift of full-time motherhood to Macey if it is at all within the scope of Your will!

            We did it, even though it wasn’t possible at the time. We drained my pitiful savings account, lived with one car, a 13-inch TV missing some buttons, and basic services at home. We did without a lot of things, but it was worth it. If God leads you to do it, He’ll pay for it, too. Maybe not the way you want or expect, but He has always been faithful with our needs.

          2. I absolutely confirm what you are saying. He was faithful to us in our decision to do the same and I am grateful to Him and my dear wife to this day. I know that my children are thankful for their mother’s sacrifice also. May God raise up more men and women who are committed to such. I’ll gladly join in that prayer also.

  2. Congratulations! As the dad of three children, I can empathize with your excitement. Children truly are a blessing from Father God. Both of my boys are drummers who play disc golf with me and, more importantly, both love Lord Jesus. May Father God bless you and your wife with the wisdom you will need to guide this little one into faith. What an amazing blessing and responsibility!