We Are the Church

As a young church planter and pastor in Kansas, I’m growing in my theology and practices regarding the church. Having theology down on paper doesn’t mean you really believe it. Our theology may look good on paper, but it’s bound to grow as we live out what we believe in our works. Having sharp beliefs down on paper is a good foundation to start from.

By the end of this post, I hope to spark a discussion with you and encourage you to serve in your local church. I’d like to first ask you a question: What comes to mind when you think of the word church?

Church is not a building.

Something we exercise every week at CrossPoint is posing the question from stage, “Who’s the church?,” while the congregation responds, “We are.” This is really the launch pad for this entire blog post.

If your view of church is not a body of believers, it needs to be.

Church is not just a building or organization that you go to once a week (if that), but believers make up the church. If our building burned down, we would still have church. If our organizational brand, structure, and network collapsed and was gone in a day, we would still meet together as the church.

We do, however, meet today with an organizational brand, structure, and network. But our hearts know that first and foremost we meet in Christ, for Christ, and because of Christ. Nothing can take this away from us. We are founded on Christ no matter where we gather.

You will see variety within the unity.

The church is intergenerational. People from all ages and stages of life will gather together as the family of God. Even for those who are weak in faith, we welcome them (cf. Romans 14:1).

I recently found a pastor/theologian online who provides excellent teaching. I got so excited hearing him bulldoze through wonderful Christology that I even told people about him. It was so refreshing to hear him. However, he explained how his church was initially planted because he was unsatisfied after years of church shopping… #devastated

If you are a church shopper, stop. If you look for reasons to leave a church, you will find one. No one teacher besides Jesus himself is perfect. I could find reasons to leave, but I stay because I am what makes up the church. I can stay and serve. I can help build up the others in love and truth. If gaps exist in the church, I want to help fill them.

Needless to say, if your church moves away from the Bible, or away from Christ, shows signs of heresy, then leave. But if you’re leaving because it doesn’t offer you what you want, you have a false view of church.

You are what makes up the church. You are to step up and fill the gaps in your local church service. You do not get to pick and choose who your brothers and sisters in Christ are.

Make a disciple.

Some are exhausted. They don’t look forward to what’s next because they’re too tired to. They look ahead and hope the future isn’t as exhausting as it has been. No one else is stepping up to lead and serve. Maybe the work is getting delegated back to the same people over and over again…

This should not be.

Are you someone who serves in the church but is getting really tired? First, thank you. Thank you to all who serve in the local church! But make a disciple. Take a young pup from the congregation, teach them to do what you do, and let them serve.

The same work doesn’t need to get put back on the same people. If it is, then disciples are not getting made.

Much more can be said about what church really is. As followers of Christ, serve your brothers and sisters. Soon Jesus will return. People exist in your local church that may not really have a voice. Let this post be sort of a voice on behalf of them to ask you for help. Live life with the believers around you. Do ministry together. Do life together.