We Met Our CP Kids Special Offering Goal

I have some very exciting news for everyone — we raised our CP Kids fundraising goal!!!

To get caught up on this special offering, watch the short video update here.

Our children’s ministry at CrossPoint Lindsborg is thriving and bearing fruit in our community. The Lord has heard our prayers and provided the resources needed to expand our ministry space.

I am over the moon and want to thank everyone who helped us. Your prayers, encouragement, and giving has made it possible for our children’s ministry to double in size.

Another meeting took place this week with the contractor that will build the expansion. It appears we will have the project completed on time.

God is so very good.

I’ll keep this big update short, but I wanted to share a prayer request to those who are praying for us. Pray for more volunteers.

We have an excellent group of volunteers today. More teachers and helpers in the children’s rooms would go a long way. This would give our current volunteers more breaks and increase the overall quality of our ministry.

The Lord has provided for every one of our needs thus far. There’s no reason to begin worrying about a shortage of volunteers. He will draw people, speak to hearts, and raise up leaders. Pray for passionate children’s ministers.

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Again, thank you so much for helping us meet our fundraising goal on time. God is still at work and saving souls in Lindsborg.

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