What Your Responsibilities Say About You

I’ve had several conversations in the past about responsibilities.

Right out of college, I remember having discussions with my close friends about how to become trustworthy men of God. We all want to be trustworthy and dependable. Our responsibilities say much about what we can handle as leaders.

Those without any commitments and responsibilities shouldn’t be asked to lead anything. The leaders we most easily trust and rely on are those that possess significant responsibilities.

Being a part of The Majesty’s Men community throughout my college years helped spur on these conversations. I have many blog posts on their platform that relate to this subject. This idea that our responsibilities speak about us is becoming more true to me as time goes on.

Now, it’s certainly not accurate to conclude that those with the most responsibilities are the most trustworthy people. But think about it. What kind of people do you trust?

A man who’s been married thirty years is easier for me to trust than someone who’s in and out of relationships. Likewise, someone who has worked hard for decades at his job is someone I trust more than a new hire.

This idea isn’t hard to grasp.

Here in America, we live in an entitled culture. We all think we deserve the same portion that our neighbor receives. We might even think we deserve more!

I am guilty of this thinking, myself. But if we catch ourselves thinking we deserve more than our neighbor, or even as much as our neighbor, take a look at your responsibilities.

The truth is not everyone should get a gold metal in every competition. It’s actually unfair if everyone gets a gold metal. Someone with no significant responsibilities shouldn’t be leading anybody. Instead, they need to start following.

Personally, I want to be a dependable leader. I don’t want to waste my life. Not that I have arrived, but I aspire to be trustworthy and responsible. This isn’t given; it’s earned.

I recognize that in order to be this kind of a leader, it requires being faithfully committed to my God-given responsibilities.

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2 thoughts on “What Your Responsibilities Say About You

  1. Good words! True words! Life in this fallen world is hard work, but hard work done with and for the Lord builds strong and Godly character. We need each other as men to remind us of this reality when we want to get lazy or slack off. Thanks for the shoutout!

    1. Truly! I haven’t connected with many TMM men for some time.. but I definitely benefited from talking with men about this subject. It’s great to see people aspire to lead, teach, preach, etc.. but first it makes sense to take on meaningful responsibilities before taking on important leadership roles.