Which Study Bible to Buy

If you’re looking for a new Bible to purchase, I’ve got a reliable recommendation for you.

You’ve probably noticed how many different Study Bibles exist on the market today. How do you know which one to choose? Which Bibles are really worth the money? After all, Study Bibles can get pretty pricey unfortunately.

To cut to the case, I recommend Crossway’s ESV Study Bible. Now, other ministries have produced great Study Bibles to buy. The ESV Study Bible isn’t the only one I use. However, it is definitely my current favorite.

In all honesty, the ESV Study Bible is so good that I’ve been using it since 2010 and I’ve purchased three of them.

To spare you from reading a long, comprehensive review, I’ll provide three simple reasons why you need to order this Study Bible.

1. The Commentary Notes

My favorite feature about the ESV Study Bible is the commentary notes. For nearly every verse, you can read the meaning directly underneath the passage. Have you ever read a verse and wondered what it meant? This Bible provides comprehensive clarity for all readers. I can’t tell you how much this has blessed my personal Bible reading. The commentary notes are phenomenal.

2. The Book Introductions

Most people don’t know the background, date, purpose, and author of each book. This Study Bible provides an in-depth introduction for every book, which is incredibly helpful for readers to understand the big picture before diving into verse-by-verse exegesis. The book introductions are quite impressive.

3. The ESV Study Bible App

Your purchase will include a download code for the Study Bible’s mobile version. Now, I use my iPad almost everywhere I go. When I preach and lead Bible studies, I prefer using my iPad. Most days, I want to leave my precious ESV Study Bible at home. Crossway has packed the whole product into a clean, user-friendly app to use on smartphones and tablets.

Order Yours Today

I wanted to keep this recommendation/review short. It’s hard to pick only three things to share. More great features exist. I encourage you to discover more from Crossway here. I’d be happy to answer any questions in the comments below.

Pick up your copy today. The ESV Study Bible has blessed my walk with Christ tremendously.

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3 thoughts on “Which Study Bible to Buy

  1. The best by far is actually from Cepher publishing and it has all the original names etc as well they have one with the Apocrypha among the many versions All the standard versions are from the Catholic line up and are not accurate.

  2. The biggest trouble with the ESV Study Bible is the influence of the “eternal subordination of the son” (or ESS) doctrine upheld by Wayne Grudem, one of its primary editors. Classically and historically, ESS is a false doctrine, but has gained a troubling amount of ground in certain mostly-Reformed circles in recent years. Rather than be on guard for basic dogmatic errors, I just opt for different study bibles like the Orthodox Study Bible or the Reformation Study Bible, which, while some of their secondary doctrinal positions I might not always agree with, the central dogma is at least trustworhty.

    Example article of the ESV SB problems here: https://www.theaquilareport.com/eternal-subordination-of-the-son-and-the-esv-study-bible-notes/